98% Improvement In Relief From Urticaria Of 23 Years In Just 6 Months With Homeopathy

A 29-years-old independent woman (PIN - 30221), who was working in a reputed organization, reported Life Force through online consultation on 5th Nov 2016 for treating her Urticaria with homeopathy. She was suffering from urticaria since childhood, since 6-7 years of age, but it was mild. It was in remission till 2012, when the patient had gone through a mental trauma due to the sudden death of her neighborhood uncle. But, that time too it was mild and going without any medicines. Post-marriage in 2013, the patient again started getting rashes so she had homeopathic treatment for 6 months. Then, it vanished and relapsed again since Dec 2015, when she was eight months pregnant. The physician had then prescribed her Udilive 300 once daily for 3 months. Post delivery in March 2016, again the relapse occurred. Then the patient consulted a dermatologist, and the dermatologist prescribed her Irinol and Atarax antihistaminics post to which her condition worsened. As earlier, her urticarial rashes use to go, but now without antihistaminics, they were not mitigating. Since the last 5 months, she was on homeopathic treatment, but the episode still continued every 4 days and the doses of antihistaminics also increased. She used to get urticarial eruption at midnight at 1-4 am, with itching, swelling, a hardness of the affected part, and redness which was very painful. Also, sometimes patient used to suffer from swelling near eyes, lips, ear, or throat which is known as angioedema. It used to go away with antihistaminics, but used to last for 5-6 hours without medicine, but it won’t curb. It was worsened during the winter and cold climate. The patient used to feel better after washing with warm water. The patient was on Tab Lorinol 10 mg, Atarax 25 mg, and Tab Dazzit 5 mg.

The patient was also suffering from hypothyroidism since the first trimester of pregnancy. For hypothyroidism, she was on conventional medicine. And, she was continuing the same.

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The patient had grown-up without parents. She was a very sensitive lady. Hence, she was always overburdened with negative thoughts. After the death of her close uncle, she got depressed. She starts thinking about the life and soul. She went for love marriage against her parents. And, till now she feels guilty feeling for the same. Her husband is loving and caring, but she did not have cordial relationship with in-laws. As her mother-in-law used to insult her in front of others, she felt very humiliated. Hence, she always had an insecure feeling. Hence, she used to have dreams of the same that her husband was betraying her and left her alone. Now, the patient is a homemaker since she delivered a baby, since March 2016. It makes her more depressed and gets the feeling of dependency on husband along with neglected feeling.

The patient was purely vegetarian. She had a strong desire for spicy food. And, she usually used to have an average amount of water. She was comfortable in warm climate. Her menses were regular, but she had premenstrual syndrome. She had mood swings, food craving, and did not feel like doing anything. She used to have sound sleep but got a lot of dreams. She used to have dreams of the death of relative, snake, and lizard and dreams as if not ready for exams.

After studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her Urticaria molecule - 30 and some research based medicine for two months.

On January 11, 2017, when the patient called up for feedback, she was experiencing 90% relief from urticaria. And, since the past 20 days, she had not taken any antihistaminics. Angioedema was no more there. But, she had itching without eruptions. Doctor prescribed her the same set of researched based medicine.

In January 2017, she had started the treatment for underactive thyroid, which was diagnosed during pregnancy since September 2015. She was on thyroid supplements throughout the pregnancy. Post-delivery, she stopped taking thyroid supplements i.e. since March 2016. Since then, she had experienced a weight gain. Now, due to it she suffered from dryness of skin and hair and hair fall. She was on Tab Eltroxin 50 since August 2016. But, in Jan 2017, due to TSH – 35, Tab Eltroxin 88mcg was prescribed by her physician.

After looking into the details, Dr. Shah prescribed her Nat mur - 30 two doses and some research based medicine for two months.

Then on March 30, 2017, patient reported online that her urticaria was almost better. She had no more episode of urticaria. The doctor prescribed her Urticaria molecule - 30 and some more researched based medicine for 2 months.

As far as the underactive thyroid was concerned, her swelling on legs and feet was better. Dryness of skin was better. Acne had reduced. And, the patient had lost unwanted weight. But, a little hair fall was present. The patient was continuing Tab Thyronorm 88 once daily as advised by the physician. The doctor prescribed her Natrum Mur - 30 two doses and some researched based medicine for two months.

Now, in June 2017, the patient reported that her relief from urticaria had improved by 98% with homeopathy. But, the patient had a frequent cold since the last two months. She had 4 episodes of cold lasting for 1 week since the last 2 months. The doctor prescribed her Urticaria molecules - 30 and some researched based medicine for 2 months.

Patient’s thyroid complaints, such as weakness, were no more there. Her relief from swelling over the legs and acne had improved by 70%. But, her hair fall was still continuing. The doctor prescribed her the same set of underactive thyroid medicine for 2 months.


Psychosomatic illness can only be treated with homeopathy, as it is the only medicine which covers the patient’s physical illness resulting due to the mental stress or emotional trauma with miraculous improvement in physical complaints.

Written by Dr. Priyanka P, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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