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10-Years-Old Eczema Recovered In 8 Months With Homeopathic Medicines At Life Force

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A 35-years-old lady, Mrs. S.?.K. (PIN 28099) visited at our Paud branch on 28th February 2016 with the complaint of eczema that she was suffering since 10 years. Her disease had started from her left foot. And, her disease had progressed since 6 months. At the time of consultation her feet, right ankle, and left hand were affected by the disease. She suffered from severe itching and dryness. Patient wanted to scratch it, and scratching resulted in blood oozing from the site. Patient had developed a tendency to eat chalk in the last 6 months.

Her appetite was average. She was very fond of sweets. Her thirst was average. She was comfortable in all kinds of weather. Her motion, urine, sleep, & menses were normal. There was no specific dream.

In her family, her grandfather (paternal side) and father both were suffering from diabetes. Her grandfather too had hypertension. Her sister had hypothyroidism. Her grandmother from maternal side had eczema.

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She was anxious and nervous in nature. She had a low confidence. Her relation with her in-laws was not good. She wanted to become a doctor in her life so she was very frustrated due to this reason. She did not like contradiction. She used to shout very loudly when angry. She was unhappy with the behaviour of her husband.  

After studying her detailed case history, she was prescribed researched based molecule for her complaint. 

After 2 months of medication on 14th April 2016, the patient gave her follow-up. There was a drastic improvement seen in the eruptions and itching. She got 50% improvement in all the symptoms. Her pain had totally subsided. Her burning and cracking symptoms had improved by 90%.

Patient gave the next follow-up on 14th July 2016. No new eruptions were seen. Mild Itching was present. All other symptoms had also shown a drastic improvement.

Two months later on 29th September 2016, she reported 75% improvement. Her cracks and sensitivity symptoms had totally recovered.

On 9th December 2016, she visited our centre for the next follow-up. There were no new eruptions. Her condition had improved a lot. All here old eruptions showed more than 80% improvement.

Patient again visited on 8th February 2017. She informed that her hand eruptions were totally recovered. Spots on her feet had aggravated since 8 days. Except the dryness, other symptoms, such as pain, itching, and sensitivity, all had totally improved. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the end of December. She was taking the thyroid supplement continuously.

She is still continuing our medicine for further recovery.


This case shows that eczema can be effectively controlled with homeopathic medicines without the use of external applications of any kind. 

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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Results may vary from person to person

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