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Homeopathy At Life Force Offered Excellent Results In Gallstones’ Case

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A 37-years-old, Mrs. MHB (Patient Ref. No. 10363) Asst Manager in a private bank, from Mumbai, India, reported to Life Force in June 2014 for her complaint of gallstones. She had multiple calculi in her gall bladder. The size of the largest stone was 5 mm. With it, she felt heat in chest and stomach which used to last from a few hours to a few days. Her acidity was also very high. She was our patient in 2008 for the complaint of recurrent oral ulcers on tongue and under lower lips. She got very good result in the relief from that complaint, so she consulted again for her new complaint. Besides this, she had PCOD which was also diagnosed in 2014.

She was a vegetarian with craving for spicy & sour food. Her appetite had reduced, and her water intake, bladder - bowel functions, sleep, and menses all were normal. 

Mrs. MHB was a confident lady. Stress in her professional life and family life was affecting her general health and causing ulcers. She used to be very lively and jovial personality. But after marriage, she had become an introvert and reserved due to her strict in-laws. At her job, she was sincere, hard-working, and determined.

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Her father had ulcerative colitis and tuberculosis, and her sister had breast cancer.

Based on her case details, Dr. Shah prescribed her his research based molecule. She was also given individualized diet instructions for faster recovery. 

On her first follow-up on 10th Sep 2014, she showed positive response to the medicines. Her acidity was reduced by more than 70%. This time she was given 6 weeks’ medicines. 

She gave her next follow-up on 12th Jan 2015. Her relief from heat sensation in chest and stomach was improved. But, she was suffering from the pain in right hypochondriac region.

She was getting better with every passing month. She was not facing any pain or other symptoms after that episode. She took some gap in medicine. 

After this, she visited our centre on 6th July 2016. Her USG report was normal. There were no gall bladder stones detected. After this, she never felt any pain in right hypochondriac region.

After a few months of homeopathic treatment, she had experienced a tremendous improvement in the relief from discomfort due to gallstones. She put on 3 kgs weight, and her appetite too had improved. 

She is still taking the medicine from Life Force for her anxiety. She is experiencing a good improvement in it.


Homeopathy offers a great relief from the discomfort due to gallstones in just a few months.

-Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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