Photodermatitis Got Treated With Homeopathy Effectively

64-years-old Mr. P. R. G. (PIN 7920), who had been currently working as a consultant in human resources firm, visited Dr. Shah on 13th October 2005 to start with the treatment for his solar dermatitis (photosensitivity). He was a social person. He had retired from the Indian Air Force as a commander. He had lived a stressful life in defense system. He was now living in Pune with his wife. 

He had been suffering from this condition since 1996. He would suffer from rashes, itching, and burning. His rashes would subside without medications.

Since two years, his rashes would be persistent and were increasing in the size. The exposure to sunlight or artificial light would trigger the itching.

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He was taking oral and local cortisones for a year. He was also suffering from asthma since 1975 and that was occasional. He would take bronchodilator as and when required, though rare. His blood pressure was being maintained by the conventional medicines. He had an allergic response to several regularly used food products. 

His appetite was average. He liked sweets. He would sweat profusely on the scalp. He was sensitive to the warm weather. His bowels would occasionally be constipated. His family consisted of his wife, son, and daughter. His son was a software engineer working in the US. His daughter was married and settled. His wife was a homemaker. He usually used to suppress his anger, as he did not wish to hurt others. He would empathize with people's suffering. He was straightforward and curt in his talks. The life at air force had been stressful.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed Carcinosin 200c 2 doses along with research-based medicines.

He called up us on 8th January 2006. He reported that he had an acute flare-up of itching in the last week of October. He had to take cortisone injection once in a month to control it. He was also applying cortisone cream and taking anti-allergy tablets. He had improved considerably with this and homeopathic medicine. 

He reported on 5th June 2006 with further improvement. His redness, rashes, and burning had decreased significantly. The itching was also less. He had stopped cortisone injection in February and was then prescribed other tablets (tab Azoran) be taken orally. He was able to taper those medicines gradually. He had now post healed dark spots on the face.

Dr. Shah reviewed the case and prescribed upgraded medicines.

He reported on 28th December 2006 with further improvement. He had visited a hill pilgrimage in July and faced the sunrays without getting any severe rashes. His conventional medicines were further reduced to once in three days as compared to daily. He would occasional apply local creams. There was no burning pain anymore. His itching was mildly increased due to the gradual reduction in anti-allergy medicines. He was doing well with the decrease in conventional medicines and was happy too. Dr. Shah prescribed him Thuja Occidentalis 200c 2 doses along with other medicines. 

He visited on 12th April 2007 and reported around 75% - 80% improvement in his condition. The hyperpigmentation was stable. There was no burning, itching, or redness anymore. The conventional medicines were supposed to be taken only when required.

He visited later on 30th January 2009. He could not continue with the medicines as he had gone to the US for six months to stay with his daughter. His photodermatitis had increased by 30% over there. He had to apply cortisone to keep it under control. Later, after coming back to India, he visited the clinic and started the medications.

After a few months of medications, his photodermatitis was under control very well. He continued the medicine for other minor ailments for a few months. He was satisfied with the treatment and recommended other patients as well.


This case highlights that conditions like photodermatitis can be effectively treated by homeopathy successfully and safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. M. N. P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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