An Old Lady Got Cured Of Vertigo & High Blood Pressure Using Homeopathy In 4 Months

A 65-years-old lady, Mrs. P.S. (PIN 12153) reported to Life Force on 9th May 2009 with complaints of vertigo with chronic pain in the knees (osteoarthritis ).

She was having vertigo for about five to six years. She would suffer from giddiness once in about two months lasting for a few seconds that would last for over ten days or more. Her giddiness would be pronounced while lying down in the bed. She was able to lie down only on one side, and she was most comfortable by lying on the right side. If she lies on her back or on the abdomen, her vertigo would get aggravated. In fact, she had an inability to lie on the left side as that would immediately lead to vertigo. In homeopathy case evaluation such factors, which increase or decrease the symptoms, are very important as they decide the individual patterns of the patients. Her vertigo was worse on waking up in the morning and after getting up from the bed. She used to experience some kind of spasm in the head and headache in occiput on waking up with heaviness over the eyes. She also had osteoarthritis. Her symptoms were pain and swelling in the knee joints, bow-shaped legs, and cramps in the legs.

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She had symptoms of sciatica, pain in legs, varicose veins, mild tortuous veins+, neck pain, shoulder pain, body pain, and hypertension. Her blood pressure was 130/70/mmHg, as she was on anti-hypertensive medicine (AMODEP, 5 mg 1/day).

Dr. Shah studied her case in totality. She was investigated for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 to check for the deficiency. She was already consuming Vitamin B12 and Calcium supplements. Based on her totality of symptoms, she has been prescribed a medicine called Alumina 30c and a few doses of constitutional medicine Sepia 30. Her relief in vertigo was almost instant.

Within a day of medicine, she was comfortable and her acute vertigo subsided. 

In about six weeks, she got rid of vertigo. Also, her various pains in joints subsided significantly. She was much more mobile, cheerful, and confident than before. Her homeopathic medicines were strategically continued and some changes were made thoughtfully. 

Within four months of the homeopathic treatment, she was almost free from all the pains and vertigo. Her vertigo did not reappear for over one year.

Dr. Shah concluded her treatment and asked to report if the problem reappears.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating vertigo successfully in a short span of time.

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