Over 80% Recovery From Trigeminal Neuralgia Of 46-Years-Old Woman Achieved With Life Force Treatment

A 46-years-old business woman, Mr. P.K. (PIN 31795) visited Life Force on 6th April 2017 for getting her complaints of trigeminal neuralgia treated. From the past two years, she was suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, and the left side of her face was affected by it. She used to suffer from an electric shock-like pain which would start from the left side of her lips radiating to the left side of her temple and forehead. The frequency of the pain was daily without medication, and her pain would last for from some seconds to about a minute. Her pain used to get aggravated by brushing, eating hard food, and getting exposed to a cold draft of air. Stress was also a major triggering factor for her pain. She was already on the conventional treatment (Tab Oxetol 300 mg twice/ day) which was not doing any good to her.

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The patient was vegetarian by diet and had an average appetite. She craved for spicy food. Thermally, she was sensitive to the hot weather.
She suffered from jaundice in her childhood. In her family, her father was suffering from hypertension and her mother was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

She was very talkative and friendly by nature. She had happy-go-lucky kind of life. She was very religious. She had a soft nature. She never felt angry in her life. 

After going through her detailed case history, she was prescribed medicine by Dr. Shah on the basis of the totality of symptoms. 

At her first follow-up on 13th May 2017, she reported a good improvement in her condition. Her condition had improved by 70%. She got a good relief in the terms of frequency, intensity, & duration of pain. 

On her follow-up on 8th August 2017, her condition was improved by 20%. Her improvement was fluctuating at times. So, according to the symptoms, Dr. Shah had done the required changes in her medication.

On her follow-up on 4th December 2017, her condition was aggravated due to the weather changes. So, according to the symptoms, Dr. Shah had done the required changes in the medication.

On her follow-up on 9th Jan 2018, her condition was improved by 75% to 80%. But, sometimes, a few minor bouts of pain appeared which subsided within a few minutes. Overall, the patient was very happy with the relief and improvement in her condition. Her painkiller doses had also reduced a lot. 


Waxing and waning expected in a chronic disease like trigeminal neuralgia, but patience is required to get total recovery from disease. Homeopathy is quite effective in treating trigeminal neuralgia and alleviating the discomfort resulting due to it.

- Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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