Renal Calculi (Kidney Stone) Treated Successfully In 1 Month At Life Force Homeopathy

44-years-old Mr. KV (PIN 31999) was taking treatment at Life Force Homeopathy for lichen planus since April 2017.  Suddenly, on 2nd December 2017, he had a severe pain in the left side of the lower abdomen (loin region). He consulted a local doctor. On 4th December 2017, the patient reported a similar episode of pain. There was no difficulty in passing the urine. He took the conventional medicine for severe episodes of pain. 

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After investigations, the diagnosis was made as renal calculi or the left kidney stone. 

USG abdomen (4.12.2017): Impression: A left upper ureteric calculus measuring 6 mm causing mild back pressure changes in the kidney.

He visited to meet Dr. Shah on 5th of December as he wanted to discuss his concern.

Dr. Shah analyzed the symptoms and investigations before prescribing Lycopodium 30, Nux Vomica 30 along with the other research-based medicines. The patient was advised to follow certain dietary and other lifestyle changes along with the homeopathic medicines. 

In January 2018, the patient reported that the stone fell off on 15th December 2017 without causing any significant symptoms. The patient also shared the photo of the stone which passed through urine.  

He continued the medicines prescribed by Dr. Shah for another 2 months to stop the recurrence of stone formation. 

In the recent feedback given on 25th April 2018, the patient was completely fine. There was no acute episode of pain in the abdomen after starting the homeopathic medicines. Dr. Shah has advised stopping the treatment of Renal calculi (kidney stone).

The patient was very happy to see the quick result of homeopathic medicine. He is still continuing his treatment for Lichen planus. 


This case illustrates that homeopathy not only gives a symptomatic relief from the discomfort of renal calculi but also it is likely to help in the passage of small-sized kidney stone. 

Note: If the stone size is larger, impacted, or there are multiple stones, then the patient is better treated surgically. However, even after the surgical removal of stones, homeopathy still has an important role to play in preventing its recurrence as the chances of having recurring stones are about 70%-80%. 

- Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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