Homeopathy Treated Allergic Cough Of A Lady Effectively In 6 Weeks

A 46-years-old lady, Mrs. S.G. (PIN 17599) came to Life Force with the complaints of a dry cough which she was suffering from 6 weeks. She would experience continuous bouts of a dry cough whenever exposed to strong odors, dust, or smoke. She would get two to three bouts of a cough in a day, each lasting for around 35-40 minutes. Occasionally, there would be yellow phlegm. Her cough would be severe and, when once if she would begin coughing, it would be so intense that it would make her unable to talk or work. She was on antihistamines and cough syrups with a little relief from her cough. She was a teacher in Dubai. So, the exposure to chalk and dust would worsen her cough. So, she would wear a mask at school. 

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Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and diagnosed it as an allergic cough. The medicines were prescribed to her for a cough. 

In 6 weeks of the treatment, she reported 80% reduction in her cough. The intensity and frequency of her cough had reduced remarkably. There was no phlegm. She had reduced the antihistamines and would take it only occasionally. She had stopped taking the cough syrups completely. Her treatment was continued further. 

In four months of treatment, her cough was cured. There was no episode of a cough. She had stopped wearing a mask at school. Mrs. S. G. was happy and relieved that her cough was cured.


This case illustrates that an allergic cough can be treated effectively with homeopathy. Homeopathy provides a complete relief from an allergic cough safely without any side-effects.

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Results may vary from person to person

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