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Skin & Oral Lichen Planus Was Treated Well With Homeopathy At Life Force

An architect, who was living her life happily, happen to suffer from oral and skin lichen planus, since a few months, when she consulted at Life Force in August 2018. Her patient identification number (PIN) was 37549. In the initial months of 2018, she developed some purplish circular lesions on her different body parts and oral lesions in her buccal mucosa. She had faced difficulty in eating spicy food and swallowing the food. On her body, itching and burning were present on the purplish lesions. She informed that in April 2018, she had faced the episode of asthmatic bronchitis, and, for that, she had taken conventional medicine. After taking conventional medicine, within one month, Lichen Planus eruptions appeared on her body and in the buccal cavity.

Besides lichen planus, she had vitiligo, migraine, asthmatic bronchitis, and obesity. For her migraine, she was taking conventional medicine.

Physical Generals:

Her appetite, thirst, sleep, stool, and urination were normal. She was vegetarian by diet. Her perspiration was profuse.

Mental Sphere:

Mentally, she was very soft-spoken, caring, and emotional by nature. She never bothered about herself and was always thinking about her family. She was a happy and satisfied lady. She never expressed her emotion to disturb others, and, mostly, suppressed the emotions. She had two sons and both were settled in their life.

In her history, she had appendix and fibroadenoma complaints. For both the complaints, she had undergone the surgery. In her family, her father had high blood pressure, and her mother had a heart complaint. Except for this, there was no specific family history.

After studying her case, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based molecule to her and advised some diet restriction for her oral lichen planus.

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In September 2018, she reported about her condition. Her disease responded well to homeopathic medicine. Her tolerance for spicy food was better. Her old skin lesions had also reduced by 60%. But, some new eruptions had appeared for a few days.

After 6 months of homeopathic medicine, her condition was good. Her skin lesions had reduced a lot, and her oral lichen planus was under control. In her blood reports, vitamins were low. So, she was advised to start the vitamin supplement.

Later, after two months of homeopathic treatment, she gave her feedback. Her both skin and oral lichen planus had responded well to medicine.

Later, in July 2019, she informed that her condition was 75% improved, but, a few small new lesions still appeared. The frequency and intensity of new eruptions were reduced a lot. Her itching had also reduced a lot.

In November 2019, her relief in oral lichen planus was 90% improved. And, she experienced almost complete recovery from her skin lichen planus. She had not developed any new spots on her body for many months. She experienced a complete recovery from all her old eruptions. Only dull hyperpigmented spots were remaining.

Her oral lichen planus was also in a good state. She no more experienced the burning sensation, and her sensitivity to spicy food had also reduced. No pain nor any burning sensation affecting her mouth. She was happy with the result of homeopathy.

During the initial stage of her disease, she was worried and searched a lot on Google, and she read about the disease that it was a complicated and obstinate disease. So, she made an impression in her mind that due to this disease, it will convert into cancer & her life span will be only for 4-5 years. However, within one and a half years, she had almost recovered safely with homeopathic medicines. So, she was very happy with the result and free from her anxiety. But, she was advised to take the diet precautions for oral lichen planus in the future also.

If anyone is thinking that a complicated disease like lichen planus cannot be treated with homeopathy, this case is the contradiction of it.

Homeopathy is recommended in treating the cases of skin and oral Lichen planus, and the skin ailment responses well to homeopathy.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating lichen planus incredibly and safely without any side-effects.

  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D., HOM)


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