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Multiple Complaints Of Lichen Planus, Migraine, & Constipation Relieved With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 43-years-old male, Mr. N.K.D. (PIN 21158) consulted at Life Force for his lichen planus complaints on 29th May 2013. He had developed hyperpigmented & scattered spots on his arms, abdomen, legs, genital, and mouth for five years. He was suffering from itching and burning in his spots. His disease had progressed slowly. He was taking homeopathic medicine from another center for 4 years, but he was not getting any good results. New eruptions were continuously appearing on his body. Besides lichen planus, he was also suffering from a migraine and constipation. He was not taking any medicines for it.

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He was a non-vegetarian by diet. He liked spicy foods and sweets a lot. He had a craving for fish. He didn’t like cabbage. His thirst and sleep were normal. His perspiration was profuse. His stool was hard and unsatisfactory. 

He was a fabric designer. His wife was a homemaker. He had two sons who studied in Std. 5th and 3rd. 

He had tuberculosis in the past. In his family, his father was suffering from diabetes, and his mother was suffering from asthma and arthritis. 

He was reserved by nature. He was short-tempered. His childhood was full of stress because his father was an alcoholic. He had a financial problem so he couldn’t continue his studies after 10th standard. He took responsibility for his family. He took the time to mix with other people. He was a very hard-worker.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him Nux Vomica -30 and research-based molecule.

On 10th July 2013, when he gave his first follow-up, his complaints had started to show some improvement. His lichen planus, migraine, and constipation complaints showed 10% improvement in terms of relief. The itching in his eruptions had also reduced.

A few months later on 2nd January 2014, he gave his follow-up. He got a very good improvement in all his complaints. His lichen planus complaint had 50% improved. He informed that no new spots had appeared. His migraine and constipation both the complaints were also improved by 50% in terms of relief.

A few months later on 16th June 2014, when the patient gave his follow-up, the patient informed that his relief from lichen planus had improved a lot. Also, his itching had totally stopped. No new spots had appeared. The spots on his hands, legs, and abdomen were in good condition. Only his oral lichen planus was present. His relief from a migraine and constipation complaints was very good.

On 17th August 2015, he gave his next follow-up. His skin and oral Lichen planus both were improved a lot, but new spots had appeared on his right ankle from one month. His relief from the oral Lichen planus was 70% improved. He had not faced any migraine episode from a few months. His stool was also satisfactory.

A few months later on 1st February 2016, he informed that his lichen planus was 80% improved. There was no complaint of itching and burning in his spots. His constipation was totally cured.

On 6th December 2016, when he gave his feedback, his lichen planus was totally cured. Only hyper-pigmented spots were remaining. His oral lichen planus was also cured. Now, he ate spicy food easily. He was suffering from frequent complaints of cold for a few months so he started the treatment for it.

A few months later, on his follow-up on 23rd November 2017, he informed that his condition was good. He was not facing any complaints. No new spots had appeared. His hyper-pigmented spots were also looking dull in color. His oral lichen planus, migraine, and constipation all were totally cured.

Recently, when he gave his follow-up on 28th May 2018, all his complaints were in a good state. He was not facing any problem.  
The patient is still continuing the homeopathic treatment from Life Force for further improvement.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating lichen planus and offers great relief to the affected person safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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