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A Techie Got 90% Relief From 5 Years Persistent Leucorrhoea In 6 Months With Homeopathy At Life Force

Ms. S.S. (PIN: 36372) visited Life Force Pimpri Clinic on 2nd April 2018 for the treatment of Leucorrhoea. She was suffering from Leucorrhoea for 5 years. She used to experience blood stained, thick, & sticky discharge. Her leucorrhoea led to weakness & a backache as well.

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Her circadian cycle was deranged due to the night shifts at work. She did not have a great appetite. And, her sleep was also affected due to the night shifts, and it used to be always disturbed & incomplete. She indulged in spicy non-vegetarian foods. She disliked eating vegetables, which led to nutritional deficiencies.
Her water intake per day was less than 1.5 liters.

She had a good upbringing, but, after the demise of her father, she had to bear the financial responsibilities of the family which led to mental stress. She used to become irritable on trifles & turned quite reserved. She had suffered from depression in the past for which she had to take medical help.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. studied the case thoroughly & prescribed his research-based molecules for 6 weeks to the patient.

In May 2018, when she visited for her first follow-up, she had experienced a little relief in her Leucorrhoea. It was indeed noteworthy that she got a good relief of about 30% in her weakness.

In July 2018, when she gave her second follow-up, she got a relief of 30% in her Leucorrhoea complaints.
By August end, she experienced about 70% relief in her Leucorrhoea complaints. And, she felt very optimistic about the treatment.

In her latest follow-up at end of October, she joyfully expressed that her Leucorrhoea was almost 90% relieved. She no longer was irritable about it nor was experiencing any weakness or body ache. She was very happy with the treatment & was continuing with the same for a permanent relief.

This case highlights that homeopathy renders an effective relief in chronic, stubborn, and non-responding cases like Leucorrhea in a short span and safely without any side-effects, thereby reviving the patient's faith in medical science. Life Force, being the pioneer in the field of Homeopathy, has changed the lives of thousands of people with its highly effective research-based medicines prescribed by Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. 

Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.

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