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Homeopathy Proved Highly Effective In Treating Frequent Cold And Boosting Immunity Of A Child

Those children who have low immunity happens to suffer from illness frequently. Frequent colds, coughs, fever, tonsillitis, being underweight, and skin complaints are more common illnesses that children with low immunity suffer. Frequent illness, low immunity, and the intake of lots of medicines always may cause an adverse effect on the development of a child. Hence, a child should take those medicines which boost their immunity and has no side-effects.
Homeopathy is a scientific branch of medicine that is highly effective in treating such types of chronic and frequent illnesses without any side-effects. This case study talks about the same.
A 7-year-old boy, Master. J.H.T. (PIN: 41381) was suffering from frequent cold and nasal polyp for two years. Whenever the weather changed, all his symptoms would get triggered and he had to take conventional medicine. Some mild to moderate symptoms would continue to bother him. During the episode of frequent cold, he would suffer from sneezing, watery nasal discharge, sometimes, thick discharge, mild fever, nose block, and mild post nasal drip. Due to a nasal polyp, nose blocking and stuffiness were persistent. He had taken mostly conventional medicine. He had also taken Ayurvedic medicine for a month. 
These medicines helped only for some period, hence, for a long-term result, he consulted at Life Force in October 2019. 
Physical Generals:
In his detailed case taking, his mother informed us that he was a non-vegetarian and very fond of sweets. His thirst was less. His other physical generals were normal. He had no specific issues with his physical generals. His bowel movement, sweating, sleep, and dream everything was normal. 
Mental Sphere:
Mentally, he was a very quiet child. He was very obedient, caring, and emotional. He used to take time to mix up with strangers. His all milestones were on time.
He was a student studying in the 1st standard. His father was an engineer, and his mother was a teacher. 
He had a genetic history of respiratory complaints. His father had allergic rhinitis, and his grandfather had diabetes. 
On totality and studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed the medicine for six weeks to the patient and also recommended a few diet restrictions.

In November 2019, the patient visited us at Life Force center and reported some positive changes in his condition. The intensity of his symptoms had reduced by 20%.
After taking continuous homeopathic medicine, he visited us in March 2020. His relief in a few symptoms was improved drastically and that in other symptoms was improved moderately. He was comfortable without any conventional medicine. He was fond of sweet so he was very happy with small white sweet homeopathic pills. After considering his symptoms, he was prescribed the next batch of medicine.
On 21st May 2020, he visited at Life Force center and informed us about his good condition. The relief in his symptoms, such as sneezing, nasal discharge, lachrymation, fever, headache, and nose block, had improved a lot. The frequency of episodes, which was daily, had reduced to once in 10-12 days. His general growth had also improved. He was advised to continue the same medicine.
The patient was very regular in following homeopathic medicine. Recently, his mother reported a 75% improvement in his condition. His intensity, frequency, and duration of episodes were reduced a lot. However, the size of the nasal polyp had not reduced much. 
His parents were very much satisfied with the result. They were advised to continue the medicine for a few more months for total recovery. 
The patient is continuing the homeopathic medicine and happy with it.
This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in boosting the immunity of children and treating frequent cold in kids effectively and safely without any side-effects.

-Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor of Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, Hom)

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