Case-8: A 40 years gentleman, captain in a cruise ship..He regained his health and vitality.

A 40 years gentleman [Mr. PKA PIN 15149] came for the treatment of severe cervical spondylitis. Despite the pain and suffering he was very cheerful and expressive. He worked as a captain in a cruise ship.

He was suffering from cervical spondylitis since the last two years. He had undergone physio-therapy and traction and taken injections in the spine which had given him 50 % relief. However the pain would recur and cause serious impediment in his work.

He would experience severe pain and stiffness in the neck. The pain had gradually progressed to the entire spine and had made life difficult for him. His job profile demanded him to travel all over the world and the cold climates would make the pain worse.

He would feel as if the entire spine was tightly tied by a rope. The pain would increase in the early morning at 5-6 am and in the winter and cold weather.

His X ray of the cervical spine stated evidence of degenerative changes in the form of end plates sclerosis seen in C4, C5, C6 and C7, Disc Spaces are normal: impression: CERVICAL SPONDYLISIS dated 19-10-10

The X ray of the Lumbo-sacral spine stated: lumbo-sacral spondylosis with L5-S1 space reduction.

He also suffered from sinusitis for the past two to three years. He would get frequent bouts of sneezing followed by nose block. There would be pain in sinus region with heaviness of head.

The X ray of the Left Maxillary Sinus showed: Sinusitis.

He had come with all the investigation done, i.e X rays and blood reports. His ANA was negative. HLA B 27 was negative.

His personal life was inquired upon.

He was a calm, happy go lucky person. He was very sincere in his work. He was born and brought up in a poor farmer family from North India. Some of his relatives were in Armed Forces. He had joined the Navy and served as a Naval Officer for 15 years. There after he joined the Merchant Navy. He had given several exams and was steadily raised to the rank of a Captain.

He was living with his father, wife and two children. His father was a very religious person. He described his wife as over caring. She treats me like a ‘King’.

She was always anxious when he was on assignments. He described life as hard and easy. He never worried about any thing.

Three years ago his brother lost around fifteen lakhs in the share market. Then the patient supported and helped his brother. This was a major stress in the family. Gradually his brother came out of the crisis and is still recovering.

He never took alcohol nor smoked cigarettes.

He said that he was and will always remain a disciplinarian in his life.

He was sensitive to cold weather. He was more tolerant to heat than cold weather.

He had a craving for sweets and spicy food.

Dr Shah studied the entire case in detail, examined the patient and reviewed the reports. He prescribed Silica 30 C and his research based remedies. The patient was given medicines for four months as he was going on a tour.

He reported personally after four months. There was excellent improvement in his neck pain and low back pain and sinusitis. He required very infrequent doses of painkillers and anti-histamines. Dr Shah made an appropriate second prescription and the patient sailed smoothly. He regained his health and vitality. He later on referred a few more patients to Dr Shah for homeopathic treatment. He is still under our care.

(Uploaded on 19th August 2011 by Dr. ADP)

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