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13 years old boy completely cured of atopic dermatitis within 10 months of homeopathic medicines

A mischievous 13 years old boy Master S. P. M (PIN NO - 17516) visited our Borivali centre on 17th November, 2011 for the complaints of Atopic Dermatitis.

He had been affected on buttocks since a year. It would occasionally disappear on its own. There would be mild itching throughout the day. He had been applying ayurvedic oil since past 6 months. His twin brother too had the same issue on a moderate level.

His appetite was average. He liked spicy food. He disliked sweets. His water intake was less. He did not sweat at all. He was sensitive to cold weather.

He was studying in the 3rd standard. His parents were HR professionals. His twin brother was studying with him in the same school. They had different sets of friends though.

His mother described him as ‘clever and shy’. He would not easily mix with others. He would not forget the hurt's and would carry the resentments. He was good in studies. He was more attached to his mother. He was very restless and hyperactive.

In his family his mother was a diabetes patient. His paternal grandfather had asthma.

After studying his case details he was prescribed Sulphur 30 single dose with some research based medicines.

After 6 weeks medication he reported on 31st December with 40% improvement. The eruptions had reduced by 40%. The itching was still persistent.

After 5 months of medication he reported on 3rd April 2012 with 75% improvement in his eruptions. The itching had decreased by 50%.

After 9 months of medication he was completely cured of his Atopic Dermatitis. There were no eruptions on his buttocks. There was no itching.

His mother was happy with the treatment.


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