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90% Recovery From Lichen Planus Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 26-year-old engineer from Mumbai, Mr. A.M. (PIN: 30301) visited Life Force Chembur branch on 13th November 2016 for the treatment of his complaints of Lichen Planus.

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The patient had been suffering from Lichen Planus from February 2016, and the disease was progressing gradually. He had developed bluish-red eruptions on his upper and lower extremities, back, hips, and trunk which had left behind hyperpigmented spots. Also, he used to experience severe itching on sweating. He had taken steroid-based treatment for his complaints for 4-6 months.

The patient was an engineer, who had worked very hard to secure a job in a good company. He came from a family with little comforts but he had been good in his studies throughout his life.

To describe the patient, he was very modest, gentle, confident, and expressive. He used to take time to make friends. He was not used to expressing his anger, as he was afraid of quarrels. 

After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based medicines for Lichen Planus for 6 weeks.

On the first follow-up on 2nd January 2017, the patient reported that his condition was as it is, but the frequency of developing new eruptions had reduced.

On the second follow-up on 7th March 2017, the patient had experienced an increase in the symptoms due to the summer. Again, revised medicines for six weeks were prescribed by Dr. Shah to the patient.

On the third follow-up, there was no change in the condition of the patient due to the summer. His condition was as it is.

On the fourth follow-up on 5th June 2017, the patient reported that he no more had any eruptions on many parts of the body. There was a 50% improvement in his recovery from lichen planus. Only small eruptions were present on 2-3 parts of his body.

After 4 months of the treatment in October 2017, the patient reported of 75% improvement in his recovery from the condition.

In December 2017, there was 80% overall improvement in his recovery from lichen planus.

The patient was going fine for 3-4 months.

In May 2018, there was a reappearance of the eruptions on the skin of the patient due to the exam stress. (The patient was studying for some course).

When the patient gave the next follow-up in July 2018, there was again improvement of about 75% in his recovery from lichen planus. No eruptions were present on the body of the patient.

When the patient gave a follow-up in September 2018, there was a mild aggravation in his condition, as the patient had become irregular with medicines and as he had consumed alcohol.

When the patient gave a follow-up in October 2018, he showed 80% improvement in his recovery.

Later, when the patient gave a follow-up in December 2018, it was observed that only hyperpigmentation was left behind by the eruptions.

Since then, no new eruptions had appeared. Also, the hyperpigmentation had faded.

In the latest follow-up in April 2019, the patient showed a 90% improvement in his recovery from lichen planus, with mild hyperpigmentation. He had developed no new eruptions for the past 8 months.

This case illustrates that cases like Lichen Planus take time to be controlled with medicines. Lichen Planus is a stubborn disease and may relapse even after 4-6 months of medication due to triggers or simply due to the nature of the disease.

One has to show patience and follow the proper diet and guidelines of moisturizing the skin as suggested by the doctors. The above case shows even though initially no improvement and the occurrence of aggravation due to the weather changes had happened, later, once the medicines have acted well, the same weather condition did not aggravate the complaints after a year of the effective homeopathic treatment.

Written by Dr. Krutika, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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