A Relief From Muscular Dystrophy & Improved Quality Of Life Found With Homeopathy

An 18-year-old male, Mr. P.S. (PIN: 37320) visited Life Force on 7th July 2018 with the complaint of Muscular dystrophy.

He was suffering from the complaint from the last 10 years. The affected areas of his body were both the lower limbs. His right leg was more affected than the left leg.

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The major complaints of the patient were a difficulty while walking, disbalance, and frequent falls. He used to take support while climbing the upstairs and getting up from the sitting position. He was experiencing a low strength in both his legs. He used to experience heaviness in both his legs which used to get aggravated while walking. He was also experiencing difficulty in sitting and standing.

The patient was not on any current medications from the last four months. The past medications which he had taken were Cap LIDY- LZ OD for 4 months, Tab. Vit. C 1000mg, and Tab. Ostocalcium 500mg.

The patient was a vegetarian with a normal appetite. He had cravings for chocolates and bitter gourd and didn’t like to have rice. His stool, urine, sleep, and thirst were all normal. 

The patient was studying in 12th standard. His father was a crime reporter in Amar Ujala, and his mother was a teacher in a government school. He was having two sisters, one was 14 years and the other was 9 years old.

The patient was very reserved and polite by nature.

His past medical history includes jaundice with no history of surgery. In family medical history, his father was hypertensive and diabetic and his paternal grandmother was also suffering from hypertension.

His current weight was 70 kgs.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed him research-based medicines for every 2 months. The patient was also given vitamin D and B12 supplements.


After two months of homeopathic treatment at his first follow-up on 1st September 2018, his relief from the heaviness, disbalance, and difficulty in walking was slightly better. 

After four months of further treatment on 20th January 2019, his relief from the complaints got 50% better i.e. his relief from disbalance and heaviness improved and his strength in the legs increased.

After further treatment, the patient’s relief from the complaints was 70% better and the patient is not facing a significant problem while walking now. He experienced relief from the discomfort of the heaviness in his legs. The strength in the legs of the patient had improved. The patient says that he is not experiencing many issues now.

The patient is still on the treatment and continuing the same.

A genetic condition generally doesn't respond effectively with conventional medicines until taken for long as well as may cause side-effects. Homeopathy has given the patient a significant result in just one year of treatment without any dependency on medicines and without any adverse effect on the body. Thus, this case illustrates that homeopathy is effective in treating muscular dystrophy.

Written by Dr. Renuka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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