Homeopathy Is Completely Safe & Effective In Treating Chronic Eczema

An 11-year-old boy, Mr. S.S.D. (PIN: 37256) visited Life Force on 28th June 2018 for his complaints of eczema. He had been suffering from eczema for seven years and, mostly in the rainy weather, his condition used to get aggravated. His fingers, toes, nails, and both the soles were affected by it. There were cracks present on his fingertips and sole. Itching, dryness, and peeling of the skin were also present. Due to the cracks, blood oozed from it. He used to experience pain only on pressure. Earlier, before visiting the Life Force clinic, he had used steroid-based ointment. But, his condition was continuously progressing. 

He was a vegetarian, and his appetite and thirst were normal. He liked sweets a lot. He was fond of fruits and chocolates. He was a chilly patient i.e. more sensitive towards the cold weather. His perspiration was profuse and offensive, mainly on the face, forehead, and on the back. He didn’t face any complaints related to his bowel habits and urination.

He was lean and thin by built. His nails were blackish. The patient himself was a 6th standard student, and his father was into the business of spices. His mother was a homemaker, and his elder brother was studying in 12th class. 

By nature, he was a short-tempered child. Initially, he was shy, but, once he understood the people, he would mix very well. He was academically good. He was obstinate. He had a fear of blood and insects. He was a very pampered child. His liked to play cricket, reading, running, and other sports. 

He didn’t have any major health complaints in the past. In his family, his mother was suffering from hypothyroidism. His grandfather from the paternal side had some skin problem and grandmother had joints pain.  

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed his research-based medicines to the patient. The patient was advised to do some blood tests.

On 1st August 2018, he visited at the center for his first follow-up. His mother reported no change in his condition. Due to an injury, his finger was red. In his blood reports, his Vitamin D was low so he was advised to start its supplement. Dr. Shah had done the required changes in medicine.

A few months later, on 26th February 2019, he gave his feedback. His condition was improved by more than 50%. His recovery from dryness, cracks, peeling off the skin and bleeding all had improved a lot. In December 2018, his dryness and cracks had increased. Possibly, it was due to the weather change. Recovery from the blackish discoloration of his nail was also improved by 50%. 

On 18th June 2019, he visited at Life Force center with his parents for further follow-up. His condition was drastically improved. It was more than 75%- 80% improved. His recovery from the fingers cracks was better. His bleeding complaints from cracks were cured. His nail color looked normal. 

He thus continued to take treatment for a few more months for further improvement so he was continuing Life Force treatment for further recovery. His parents were very happy and satisfied with the result


This case illustrates that homeopathy can be really helpful in treating eczema without any side-effects or adverse effects. 

Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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