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70% Recovery From Vitiligo In 1.5 Years Of Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

An 11-year-old boy, Master. V.C. (PIN: 30293) had visited Life Force Chembur clinic on 12th November 2016. He was suffering from Vitiligo i.e. white spots and patches over various parts of his body. The spots were present on his upper lips, corners of the lips, under the eyes, fingers, and thighs.

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The child was diagnosed with this condition since March 2016 and had taken conventional treatment. The condition had stopped spreading till then when he was on the conventional treatment. However, once the treatment was stopped, it started spreading again since June 2016. The patient had also tried Ayurvedic treatment from May to June along with conventional treatment but did not get not much relief. 

All his white spots and patches were checked and evaluated under the wood lamp. Wood's Lamp test was conducted for the accurate diagnosis of the spots.

Physical Generals:
He had an average appetite. He had a craving for fish. His water intake was average. His bowel habits were normal. His sleep was disturbed, and he was restless.

His detailed case history was taken. His condition was studied and analyzed by Dr. Rajesh Shah.

He was given carefully selected Homeopathic research-based medicines formulated by Dr. Shah, based on his case details and case history.

In the first follow-up in January 2017, there were mild changes in some of his spots. A mild spread had occurred.

In the second follow-up, after 4 months of medicines, in March 2017, the patient’s condition was stable. The white spots were not spreading anymore. No new spots or patches were noticed anywhere on the body. 

In June 2017, mild re-pigmentation changes were noticed. The skin color had begun to return in some spots. The patient’s relief from the condition was overall 30% better. No spread was noted within this period.

In November 2017, the patient’s recovery from the condition was improving with re-pigmentation occurring in the majority of the spots. Overall, the patient’s relief from the condition was about 50% better. The spots over the fingers had almost vanished and had become very mildly noticeable.

By May 2018, there was an improvement of more than 60%-70 % with some of the spots fully re-pigmented. The skin color had turned to normal in many of the spots. The remaining spots were mildly noticeable. 

Rest of the spots are further fading with the current medicines. No new spots have developed, and no spread has been seen. He has been overall better with the medicines.

Homeopathy for Vitiligo?

Homeopathy is a very effective yet gentle treatment for Vitiligo.
Homeopathic treatment at Life Force aims at correcting the immunity and hence leading to re-pigmentation. Controlling the spread is the initial major focus as the disease can spread to other parts if not treated. Homeopathic treatment aims at the correction in the disturbed immune system and hence treating the condition from the root level.

Written by Dr. Neethu Krishnan, Associate doctor to Dr. Shah

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