Complete Recovery From Acid Peptic Disease Found With Life Force’s Homeopathy

A 36-year-old male patient from Mumbai (PIN: 26708) was suffering from Acid Peptic Disease for 3 years. He visited our Chembur branch on 7th September 2015 and started homeopathic treatment for the same. He was taking Antacids frequently when he first visited us for this complaint. Also, he had associated complaints of weakness and hair fall.


The patient was a pure vegetarian and was having a moderate appetite. He had a craving for sour things and no specific food intolerance. He had addictions to tea and he used to have tea almost 6-7 times a day. His bowels were not satisfied.


The patient was worried and short-tempered by nature.

He had no major family or past medical history present.


His case was studied in detail and homeopathic medicines were prescribed to the patient.

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After starting our medicines, the patient reported on 28th October 2015 that his relief in the complaint was better by 50% and he had stopped taking Antacid. His weakness was also got reduced.


On 3rd December 2015, when he gave his second follow-up, the patient reported with the burning pain on epigastrium after drinking too much tea and stress for 15 days. So. Dr. Shah advised him of some lifestyle changes and revised his medicines.


Later, when the patient gave his fourth follow-up, his relief from acidity was much better than earlier. However, an excessive intake of tea would make him suffer from the same complaint. So, he started reducing his tea-intake gradually.


In May 2016, when the patient gave the fifth follow-up, he reported that he was much better than earlier. No major complaint was affecting him. But, the patient continued the medicine for further health improvement.


In spite of the patient's tea addiction, the patient experienced a complete recovery from the acid peptic disease with Life Force’s homeopathic treatment.



This case highlights that homeopathy can promote the recovery from a chronic & severe peptic ulcer effectively and safely without any side-effects. In this case, conventional medicine had a minimal role and, later, the dependency of the patient on conventional medicine was eliminated.


  • Written by Dr. Ashitha, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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