Excellent results in Psoriasis in palms + soles Without Any Side-Effects using Homeopathy

A 49-year-old lady, Mrs. M.M. (PIN: 21342) visited with her husband at Life Force clinic on 10th July 2013 for her complaints of Psoriasis. She had been suffering from psoriasis for one year, and it was Palmoplantar Psoriasis. She had dry cracked skin on her palm & sole. The discomforts, such as itching, scaling, and pain, were associated with these dry cracked patches. Earlier, before visiting at Life Force clinic, she had taken the conventional medicine.


Along with psoriasis, she was also suffering from urticaria for two years. She was hospitalized in 2011 due to Urticaria and she hadn’t faced any episode of it for a few months. 


She was a non-vegetarian, and her appetite and thirst were normal. She was fond of spicy and non-veg foods. She was more sensitive to the hot weather. She didn’t face any complaints related to her bowel habits and urination. Her sleep was sound.


The patient herself was a homemaker. Her husband was working as a secretary in MTC business Pvt. Ltd. She had one son who was studying in 8th standard.


By nature, she was an introvert. She was very punctual and fastidious. She wanted everything clean and in order. She liked painting. Whenever she would get angry, she would shout only on her husband and son.


She didn’t have any major health complaints in the past. In her family, her mother was suffering from hypothyroidism and hypertension. 


Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed her research-based medicines and advised them to do some blood tests.

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On 13th August 2013, when she gave her first follow-up, she reported that the affected area was responding well to the treatment. But, a few days before, she itching experienced on the face below the eye and the neck also that was not present prior. But, overall she achieved 30%-40% betterment in the relief from psoriasis.


After one year of homeopathic treatment on 4th July 2014, she reported a 75% improvement in her condition. All her symptoms, such as dryness, scaling, cracks, and itching, had reduced by more than 75%. Her relief from the pain in the cracks had also improved by 50%.


On 9th March 2015, the patient reported that the disease had resurfaced on her palm & sole for a few days. This was possibly due to the change in weather. She asked about the continuation of medicine. She was prescribed a changed medicine and advised to continue the medicine for further recovery. She continued her medicine and her condition was improved the next whole year. She had not faced any recurrence of her symptoms even on the change of weather also. Her relief from the symptoms was 80%-85% improved. She was advised regarding her diet, & the patient was following it with sincerity.


In 2016, she stopped her treatment for a few months. Her condition was good, but, in June, a mild relapsed was experienced by her so she restarted the treatment. After starting the medicine within two months, she was relieved of all her symptoms by 90%. On 13th December 2016, she filled her feedback form and mentioned that she has observed a good improvement in her relief from the symptoms and 90% recovery was achieved since the start of the treatment.


In March 2017, she informed that dryness and scaling had reappeared on her hands and feet from one month. Her itching had also increased on palm and feet. So, Dr. Shah had done the required changes in her medicine.


Later, on 18th May 2017, she reported a 50% further improvement in her relief after taking two months of medicine. She was advised to apply coconut oil regularly and was also advised on some blood tests.


Gradually, her condition again improved by 80%-85% within a few months. In August 2018, she showed a 90% improvement in her relief from psoriasis. In her regular follow-up, her condition was good.


Recently, in June 2019, her condition was under control. It was 90%-95% improved for one year. She didn’t face any problem in the last year.


She is continuing to take treatment for a few more months as a precaution to prevent the relapse of psoriasis.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating psoriasis incredibly and safely without any side-effects.


  • (Case study written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)


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