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A 47-Year-Old Lady Achieved 100% Recovery From Vitiligo In 8 Months With Homeopathy

A 47-year-old lady, Mrs. M. K. D. (PIN: 15927) visited Life Force center on 26th April 2011 for the treatment of vitiligo. She had one spot on her left temporal area. The patient had a family history of vitiligo. She didn’t take any treatment for it. Besides vitiligo, she was also suffering from sleeplessness.


She was a non-vegetarian by diet and was quite fond of sweets. She had no specific disliking for any food. Her bowel movement, perspiration, sleep, and menses all were normal. She was flabby by the build.


By profession, she was working in a travel company, and her husband was working in L’oreal. She had one son who was 6 years old.


She was quite expressive and confident but was short-tempered too. Her son was born five years after her marriage, so she was over-protective about him. She was a perfectionist when it comes to maintaining neatness and cleanliness. She took the stress of small things and used to think a lot.


She had an ovarian cyst in her past medical history. She had a family history of vitiligo and hypertension. Except for these, there was no other major health issue present in her family.


After studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based molecule to her.

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On 20th June 2011, she reported a slight improvement in her recovery from the vitiligo spot and sleeplessness. No new spot had appeared. Her overall condition was good.


A few months later, on 19th October 2011, she informed extremely good improvement in her recovery from the white patch. Her relief from the white patch had improved by more than 75%. No new spots had appeared, and no spreading in the old spot was observed.


Two months later, she stopped her treatment.


In August 2019, she again visited at Life Force center for her son’s treatment. At that time, she informed us that she experienced a 100% recovery from her vitiligo. She didn’t face any complaint for many years. She was very happy and satisfied with the treatment she received at the Life Force. Her preference for her son’s treatment was proof of her satisfaction with Life Force.




Many people think ‘Homeopathy is a placebo effect.’ But, this case illustrates that Homeopathy is highly effective in treating such a type of complex and chronic autoimmune disease incredibly and safely without any side-effect. 


  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D. Hom.)
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