A British patient with Granuloma Annulare finds a substantial improvement

A 57-year-old lady from the UK, Mrs. M.L. (LFMPL PIN: 23194) was suffering from Granuloma annulare for 1 year. She had pinkish slightly mauve-colored skin patches in groups on the abdomen, breast, underarms, arms, elbow, back of the hands, on the top of her feet, on the back of knees, back of the neck, and groin. The patches would burn and be itchy. The skin rashes would worsen after perspiration and in the hot weather. She was taking Tablet. Prednisolone (Steroid) whenever she had a flare-up of lesions, and steroids helped her to settle the flare-up temporarily.


She was vegetarian by diet and loved to eat different types of fruits. She suffered from a wheat allergy, so she was following a wheat-free diet. Her thirst for water was excessive, and she was sensitive to the hot weather.

Her sleep was disturbed, and she would wake up 2-3 times from sleep. Also, she had different weird dreams. She always dreamt of finding a clean toilet and finding herself in a strange place and not at home.

Mrs. M.L. was staying with her husband and had no kids. She was running a dog-grooming business and loved her work. She enjoyed her time with dogs. Her relationship with her husband was quite stressful, as her husband had a lot of work stress which he would bring at home. Also, due to her skin lesions, they were not sharing the same bedroom.

Based on her case details and after studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed SEPIA-30 along with his research-based medicines to the patient.


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On 25th August 2015, after 4 months of homeopathic treatment, the patient’s skin was better by 20% with SEPIA-30. The lesions turned flattened, less raised, and paler in the color that was redder earlier.

After 12 months of the following Homeopathic treatment on 26th April 2016, the patient reported that her skin had improved by 80% to 85%. The lesions were not red anymore, and her relief in the inflammation was much better. The itching had reduced to a greater extent. She had mild fluctuations in between that settled by themselves. She experienced no need to take any other additional medicines.

She reported on 6th December 2016 with a 99% improvement in her recovery from the lesions. Only a few mild lesions were left on her wrist. She continued taking medicines for a few months for a complete recovery.


A written testimonial by the patient

On 4th January 2016, the patient gave a written testimonial as below.

User name: 23194: I want to share with all who are unsure of using homeopathy to cure or manage their health condition. I would advise do not hesitate it works. In April 2015, I contacted Dr. Shah and asked him for advice on my skin condition, as I was losing all hopes of ever being cured. But, thank goodness, my partner heard about Dr. Shah. After Dr. Shah answered my questions, I decided to go ahead and start a course of homeopathy. It took a few weeks to start noticing a difference, but my recovery from the skin condition was getting much better. I tried a 4-month course to see if it worked. Yes, it did and I couldn't be happier with the results. I have 100% confidence that homeopathy works and recommend it to anyone with a health issue. I am about halfway there 50% better and just want to say the biggest thank you to Dr. Shah and his team. All in all, I am much improved and can't praise the medicines (homeopathy) enough. Kind Regards Mary



The above case illustrates that Homeopathic medicines are highly effective in treating Granuloma Annulare, which is a rare skin disease. Understanding the cause of Granuloma Annulare as auto-immune, arising from an abnormal immune response to a normal body part, homeopathy aims at treating the internal factors by addressing the immune system by using oral medicine. Homeopathy treats Granuloma Annulare successfully and safely without any side-effects.


(Written by Dr  Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. (Hom))

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