Steroidal Masked Psoriasis Treated With Homeopathy

Twelve years old patient named Miss N.S (Patient Identification Number: 26532) visited Life Force Homeopathy, Chembur clinic on 18th August 20105, with a complaint of Psoriasis and hair fall.

The patient had complains of psoriasis since one year. She had dryness present on both legs but more on foot area. She had complaints of dryness and scaling. There was no itching present. She was already on allopathic treatment and was applying steroidal creams. As her disease was steroidal masked, eruptions were not visible properly during her first visit. There was genetic link present. Her grandfather had psoriasis complain. 

She also had a complaint of hair fall since one year. Her hair was brittle and also there was premature graying of hair.

She had a fair complexion. Her appetite was average. She loved eating sweets and curd in a diet. She had a strong dislike for pulses. Her thirst was average. She did not sweat very easily. She had no complaints with her stool and urine. Her sleep was sound but her parents said that she had a habit of getting up in between sleep and talking.

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She was studying in sixth standard in school. Her father was in construction business. Her mother was housewife. She had younger brother who was five years of age. 

She was very happy with her life. She was very mild, gentle and a clever girl. She loved talking and communicating with others. She had obstinate nature to some extent. Whenever her parents scolded her, she felt that they did not like her and that they always took side of her younger brother. She had an extrovert nature. She had many friends and she use to make friends very easily. 

She had past illness of asthma when she was around seven years old. Also she had chicken pox infection in childhood. 

Her father had complaint of hypertension and urticaria. Her mother was also suffering from hypertension. Her grandfather had psoriasis, hypertension and diabetes problem.  
With all these case details, her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed some research-based medicines.

On 25th September 2015, the patient gave her first follow-up. She reported that changes were seen in her complaints. She was feeling better around twenty percent. Her dryness was reduced as compared to before. Scaling was also reduced. Hair fall problem was till the same, there was no change in it. The patient was feeling overall better. 

On 7th November 2015, the patient reported that she was sixty percent better in her complaints. Her scaling and dryness was better by sixty percent. She had now stopped applying all the allopathic creams. She was purely on homeopathic medicines. Her hair fall also started getting better. She felt around twenty percent improvement in her hair fall problem. She was very happy with the treatment.

On 23rd December 2015, patient informed that she was the same. There was no further increase or decrease in complaints as compared to last time. Her disease was stable at present. Dryness and scaling was very much reduced. Her hair fall showed around thirty percent improvement. There was very less hairfall now. Brittleness in hair was not present now. Overall she was felling better. On basis of this feedback, Dr.Shah prescribed further medicines.

On 1st January 2016, the patient called up suddenly and reported that she has developed new patch of psoriasis on her left knee since 3-4 days. There was no specific cause found for it. The patient got very anxious about it. She was counseled by Dr.Shah. Patient already had medicines but there were some extra medicines prescribed by Dr.Shah for one week to the patient. 

On 2nd February 2016, the patient reported that she was stable. There was no other new patch since one month. Scaling and dryness was not present. Her hairfall was little increased since one month due to seasonal change. On basis of all these feedback, Dr.Shah prescribed further medicines.

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On 29th March 2016, patient’s mother gave feedback. She reported that she was overall better. There was almost eighty percent improvement seen in her complaints. Dryness and scaling in the patches was not present. She had not developed any new patch since three months. Her hair fall was also better. There were no new complaints present now. 

On 26th May 2016, patient’s mother reported that she was very much better. Now there were no complaints present at all. She was almost ninety present better in her complaints. No new patches were developing and old patches were completely gone. Hair fall was also better. Patient and her family were very happy with the treatment. 

On 2nd September 2016, patient reported that she was very much better. Her complaints have almost disappeared. There were no new spots since past seven to eight months. Dryness and scaling was almost nil. Patient was very happy with the treatment. Her hair fall was also improving gradually. Overall patient was very much better in all her complaints.
Patient and her parents were very thankful to Dr. Shah and the life force team who has helped her and made her so much better. There never expected such great changes in disease after taking homeopathic medicines. She is advised to still continue our treatment for few more months to prevent the relapse of disease and to get completely better.

(Case study done by Dr .K.R.B)

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