Off from steroids! Chennai girl finds complete relief in her Nephrotic syndrome

A 6-year-old female patient from Chennai, Miss. M.P. (HIPL PIN: 27671) was suffering from Nephrotic syndrome from the age of 4 years. Her father communicated with a team of online doctors and enrolled for online treatment under Dr. Shah on 10th January 2016. Her frequency of getting nephrotic syndrome episodes was once in 3 months and they would last for 2 weeks with the help of steroids. As per her parent's observation, whenever she would eat oily, junk food or any colored foods and drinks, she experienced a relapse. The episode would start with the swelling of her upper eyelids and the swelling would spread to the legs and abdomen. The frequency and quantity of her urine would get reduced, and she would complain of burning during urination. She had gained weight due to the steroids. When she started Homeopathic treatment, she was on following conventional treatment Omnacortil (Steroid), Envas (Antihypertensive), Vermisol (Levamisole- effective in prolonging the duration of remission), and calcium supplement.


The patient was sensitive to the cold and would catch a cold easily. She had adenoids problems. As a child, she was demanding by nature.

Her father suffered from Diabetes, and her mother was a known case of Asthma.


After studying her case details and history in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Calcarea Phosphoricum for 2 months.


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In her first follow-up on 6th March 2016, she showed some positive changes. She had just one mild relapse which was settled taking a low dose of steroid.


On 10th April 2016, the patient’s father informed that she had two major relapses and there was a need to give a high dose of steroids to her. And, her Nephrologist has advised going for a renal biopsy if she won't respond to medicines. Dr. Shah prescribed the revised medicines to the patient.


In June 2016, the father of the patient informed that there was no need to go for a renal biopsy and her complaints were under control with conventional and Homeopathic medicines. She continued taking her conventional medicines. Her steroid dose was stopped, but she continued taking the Antihypertensive and Vermisol medicine.


Initially, for almost a few months, there was no major change in her condition. As per the need, Dr. Shah made the necessary changes in her prescription, but the patient didn’t give a significant, good response. The patient's parents were counseled, and it was explained to them that Nephrotic Syndrome is a complex immunological disease. The response to the treatment and the time of recovery varies from patient to patient depending on several factors. The duration of the disease condition, the severity, the general health of the patient, the genetic factors, and many other factors need to be taken into consideration for the recovery.


In some cases, the time of recovery is quick, in some it’s moderate, and in some cases it’s slow. Commonly, for chronic conditions at least 9-11 months should be given. However, some cases may take much longer time and treatment may extend for two to three years as well. It was strongly suggested to the parents to continue with the Homeopathic treatment. It was explained to the parents that, in dealing with difficult diseases like this, more patience is required.


From 2016 to the start of 2018, fluctuations happened in her response to the treatment. Sometimes, the response was good but again a relapse would occur. Her cholesterol levels had gone much high. The case was discussed with Dr. Shah, and it was advised to the patient to start the conventional treatment for her high cholesterol. The Nephrologist changed her plan of treatment, and she was put on Myocept, the Immunosuppressant.


In March 2018, the patient’s father informed that she had no major relapse and the patient was on low steroid dose. She was responding well to the treatment, but the main concern of the parents was to stop the conventional treatment as it had affected her growth, her height, and weight. Her growth parameters were not according to her age.


From April 2018 to October 2018, no relapse was observed. Her steroid was stopped, but she continued with Immunosuppressant and Antihypertensive.


In November 2019, the patient’s father informed that all her conventional treatment had been stopped since August 2019, and she had not experienced any major relapse. They kept on checking her urine protein which was negative every time. It was advised to the parents of the patient to continue the homeopathic treatment for a few more months, as the case will be kept under observation and then the treatment will be stopped.



This case illustrates the importance of being patient and hopeful while dealing with such difficult autoimmune conditions. In the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, the dependency on steroids, subsequently, resistance to steroids is a greater challenge than Nephrotic Syndrome itself. In this case, the patient recovered from nephrotic syndrome wonderfully by using Dr. Shah's research-based Homeopathic medicines.


(Written by Dr. Mithila Kargar, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom))

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