A Gynecologist Was Happy With The Relief In Her Dry Eye Complaint With Homeopathic Medicine

A Senior gynecologist (PIN: 40571), who is working as an assistant professor of physiology in a renowned medical college in Mumbai, consulted at Life Force for her complaint of Dry eye. She started her treatment in July 2019 at Vashi center. She was suffering from this complaint for seven years. Her one eye (either right or left) used to get affected at a time. She was experiencing discomforting symptoms, such as redness, dryness, itching, burning, and irritation in the affected eye, during the episode. She was using contact lenses but faced difficulty to wear them. She was taking many antibiotics and using many eyedrops in the last seven years, but her complaint used to relapse repeatedly. As she did not get any satisfactory results with conventional medicine, she consulted us for Homeopathic medicine.

In addition to dry eye, she was also suffering from seborrheic dermatitis and an underactive thyroid. Due to seborrheic dermatitis, her forehead and sides of the nose were affected. For that, she was using the steroid-based ointment. Her thyroid was stable with conventional medicine.

In the Homeopathy system of medicine, a detailed case study is required for prescribing the medicine, so her case was taken in detail. In regards to her physical generals, she was non-vegetarian by diet and very fond of sweets. Her thirst was less, and her perspiration was profuse.

In regards to her mental generals, she was very confident, bold, and expressive by nature. However, she was arrogant and short-tempered also. She was emotional. Due to her divorce, she was emotionally disturbed during that period. Due to her bold nature, she handled that situation smartly.

In her family’s medical history, her father was suffering from diabetes and a skin complaint. In her maternal side, cancer history was present. In her past medical history, she had suffered from sarcoma and frozen shoulder.

After studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Bryonia Alba 30 and his research-based molecule to the patient.


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In August 2019, when she gave her first feedback, she reported a 25% improvement in her condition. Her relief in all her symptoms of dry eye was showing a 25% improvement. Her redness, burning, irritation of eye had reduced. For seborrheic dermatitis, she was still using the steroid-based ointment, so she was advised to taper it off and, later, stop it. Instead of that ointment, we recommended her to use coconut oil on the disease eruptions.

After 2 months of homeopathic treatment, she again reported about her condition. Her condition had improved a lot. All of her symptoms had reduced by more than 50%. Also, the frequency of the episode had reduced. Her seborrheic eruptions were also under control without any steroids.

In December 2019, her recovery from the condition was 75% improved. She didn't face an episode of the dry eye for two months. Previously, the frequency of episodes was once in 10 days, but, now, it was reduced a lot. The severity of all her symptoms was also reduced by more than 75%. Also, her relief in seborrheic dermatitis was showing a 25% improvement without any steroid-based ointment. Her recovery from the symptoms, such as redness, roughness, and itching, was showing some positive changes. By experiencing the wonderful recovery from her ailments, she was happy with homeopathic treatment.



This case illustrates the scope of Homeopathy is very vast. In such type of chronic case where conventional medicine could not provide a satisfactory result, homeopathy offers good and appreciating results. Homeopathy is highly effective in treating dry eye remarkably and safe without any side-effects.


  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D)
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