A Patient With Warts Got Relieved Of It In 6 Months With Homeopathy

A 33-year-old male patient (PIN: 40696) visited the Life Force clinic at Jayanagar, Bangalore on 19th July 2019 for the treatment of his disease of warts. The patient was worried a lot, doubtful, and was not confident that he will get cured of the condition with homeopathic medicines. Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed medicines to the patient.

The patient presented with hard multiple warts on the right side of the neck. And, he was having very minute warts on the back of his neck. None of his family members was suffering from the condition.

He was also suffering from the acute issue of skin infections in the groins, but it was not affecting him much as compared to warts.

He was worried as the disease of warts was spreading to the other areas of his neck. He was not suffering from any pain and other symptoms. But, he was experiencing a slight itching in the affected part at times.

He was following a mixed diet, and his food intake comprised both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Thermally, he was both chilly and hot.

The patient was gentle, had good concern for others, a good listener by nature, and sober.

He used to speak good and to the point only. He would understand the problems and solve them accordingly. But, in case of his health, he was concerned a lot. He was a bit anxious. The patient was experiencing work-related stress, as it was affecting his normal life and work balance at times.

The patient had no other major diseases in the past from childhood.


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At the first follow-up on 20th September 2019, after following homeopathic medicines for two months, the patient was feeling that the spread of the disease condition had stopped. Very small warts near the main affected areas had vanished by then. But, the major warts-affected area was as it is without any change. He was slightly worried but convinced with the duration and benefits of following the medication for the long-term. The patient was experiencing an overall 10% relief in warts.

After taking the medications for 4 months, when the patient gave the second follow-up on 12th November 2019, the spread of his warts had stopped completely. No new warts had developed. The patient was feeling confident now, as the spread had stopped and the condition was stable.

After taking the medications for about 6 months from Life Force Homeopathy, when the patient gave the third follow-up on 16th January 2020, he mentioned that he had got a remarkable relief in the disease in the last two months. Warts which were appearing hard and big reduced in the size and turned slightly red. Due to the redness, he was a bit confused and visited the clinic in between. He was advised not to worry and wait for the progress in the recovery from the disease. After some days, the patient’s warts fell off and the skin of the affected area got completely restored to the normal condition.

The patient was relieved a lot and was thankful to Dr. Shah for the immediate relief he got with the Life Force’s Homeopathic medications.



This case highlights that homeopathy offers an excellent, promising recovery from warts. The incredible benefit of the homeopathic treatment for warts is that the homeopathic medicines are to be taken orally, so there is no local application. This treatment treats the ailment from within by addressing the root cause of the condition for a significant time offering long-lasting results and relieves you of warts almost permanently without any side-effects.


  • Written by Dr. Vinay R., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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