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Incredible Relief In Extremely Resistant Writer’s Cramp Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 37-year-old male patient, Mr. K.T. (PIN: 41093) registered for online treatment at Life Force Homeopathy in September 2019 to get his complaints treated.

He complained of experiencing severe pain and contractions in the Right thumb and wrist from 8 long years.

The pain used to start as soon as he would start writing, though he could easily hold the pen. He could hardly write just 1 or 2 words, and he even could not write simple numbers like 0 and letters like O.

The pain was limited only in his right hand. He used to do his regular activities, such as brushing, shaving, and eating food with the left hand. He also had a problem while signing important documents as doing his signature was a difficult task for him.

The patient also mentioned that his complaints got worst in the presence of others. If he is being observed by others, he would immediately feel the pain with even more severity. This signifies an important characteristic and peculiar symptoms which help in specific medicine selection.

The patient worked in Army – Telephone exchange department. His work involved telephone repairing and computer operating, which would trigger his complaints.

As mentioned by the patient, he had tried all forms of medicines from the time he was suffering, which is for almost 8 long years, but could not experience 1% relief. While starting treatment with Life Force, his expectations were such that, even if he could attain a 5% improvement, he would be the happiest.

By nature, the patient was a lot anxious and distresses due to his complaints, which in turn created fear in his mind thinking what if the condition can turn into something fatal. He was getting negative thoughts, and, to seek relief, he used to perform Yoga and meditation regularly. The patient also felt trapped and feared that his progress would be halted due to his sufferings.

His family consisted of his parents, wife, and children, but he was staying alone in a quarter due to his job.

He described his appetite as average. He liked sweets more than other foods and disliked salty and seasoned food. He used to drink an average quantity of water in a day and could tolerate heat very well.

When the patient started treatment, he was overly anxious about his sufferings.

He was prescribed Homeopathic medicine Causticum 30 along with Dr. Shah’s research-based molecules. (Kindly note – Do not self-medicate yourself, as Homeopathic medicines are prescribed specifically to a particular individual, based on individualization after a detailed Case study).

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He started his medicines from mid-September 2019.

As per the very first follow-up given by him after 6 weeks of starting our treatment in November 2019, he had noticed an improvement by 30%-40% in his relief pain and discomforts. The patient was extremely happy by the change he had experienced, as he had never been relieved so well by his previous treatments. His handwriting improved, and he could easily sign the documents, and writing 0 and O was not at all a difficult task for him now. His writing speed increased as well.

The negative thoughts, which he used to get related to his disease, vanished. He could find himself at ease. Overall, he improved significantly and the further progress of the disease was controlled. The patient said, “I am really happy and feeling good as my Writer Cramp’s complaints are at ease.”

Currently, he is under our care and following up on our treatment and guidance regularly.



This case illustrates that the extremely resistant case of Writer’s Cramp, which did not show even a 1% improvement by following conventional medicines, can be treated effectively and safely without any side-effects with Homeopathy.


  • Written by Dr. Kinjal S., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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