Mr. O. A (Patient Identification Number: 11104), a thirty two year old middle aged man from Hyderabad visited LifeForce on 29th August 2008 with complaints of recurrent abdominal pain since nine years. He suffered from constipation on and off which was accompanied with urgency and unsatisfactory stools. The stools were well formed and there was no bleeding noticed. Occasional mucus was noticed after stool. He also complained of bloating of abdomen and flatulence. All his complains were worse by eating outside food and mainly due to stress, sweets, milk, allopathic medicines and spicy food.

Personal details:
He was a non vegetarian and had an adequate appetite. He had an unquenchable thirst and would drink water after every two hours. He had a profuse sweat all over his body. He was sensitive to hot weather.

Constitution and family set up:
He had average body frame with a fair complexion. He lived with his wife, father and mother. He was working as a computer professional and his wife was a homemaker.

He narrated his nature as being a very fearful, anxious and emotional person. There was no significant stress in his life.

After assessing his case, based on the totality of his symptoms, Dr. Shah prescribed Sulphur 1M (two doses), Nux vomica 30c and two of his research based medicines on 29th August 2008. Dr. Shah advised him to take six pills two times in a day. He also gave him a diet chart specific to irritable bowel syndrome which suggested the foods to be included and avoided from his diet. Dr. Shah briefed him about irritable bowel syndrome and what precautions need to be taken while undergoing the homoeopathic treatment.

Follow ups
He first reported his follow up, dated 18th December 2008. He mentioned a twenty percent reduction in constipation and abdominal pain. The urgency for stools was also reduced. The abdomen bloating and flatulence was also well under control. Dr. Shah repeated the same prescription with a hope to see a positive change next time.

His second follow up reported on 9th March 2009 had a thirty percent recovery in the overall irritable bowel symptoms. His main concern was the urgency for stools which was greatly reduced in terms of frequency. His energy levels were increased and he felt more active than before. Dr. Shah repeated the same prescription to which he had responded so well.

He reported to LifeForce on 18th July 2009 for his third follow up. He mentioned a seventy percent reduction in his complaints. Abdominal pain was drastically reduced. There was no urgency in passing stools.

He was happy with the significant improvement. He mentioned in his progress report that “Initially his life had so much pain, but now he lives a painless life”. Dr. Shah further prescribed him medications for a long term in order to maintain the control and for the final recovery.

He reverted back to LifeForce on 11th September 2014 (i.e. after four years) with an eighty five percent recovery in his complaints. He was totally asymptomatic for four years and hence had discontinued with the treatment. This time he had moderate pain in the liver region which made him anxious about the recurrence of irritable bowel syndrome. He had no symptoms pertaining to irritable bowel syndrome which he had earlier. He was examined by Dr. Shah after which he concluded that it was a non specific pain and had no relation with irritable bowel syndrome. Dr. Shah prescribed him two of his research based medicines.

He submitted his progress report dated 6th December 2014. He mentioned that he was completely relieved from his constipation and abdominal pain. He passed stools normally everyday without any mucus or blood. He no more experienced bloating of abdomen and flatulence. He also wrote that “Now he is better and does not think he will need to visit the clinic hence forth” which itself was a positive sign of complete recovery. He wanted further guidance for his diet and regimen to which he was answered.

This case can be concluded in one word “Consistency”. Chronic diseases like irritable bowel syndrome need consistency in the treatment to prevent relapses and remissions. Regular intake of homeopathic medicines brings back the weak immunity to normal and improves the bacterial flora in bowel which helps one get rid of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. The patient thanked Dr. Shah for his complete recovery from the pain of the disease.

(Uploaded on 13th September 2015 by Dr K. P)

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