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My Face Got Cleared Off Warts Again With Homeopathy At Life Force: Said A 32-Year-Old Patient

This is a case study of a 32-year-old Mrs. P. A. (PIN: 40777) who consulted at Life Force Homeopathy on 29th July 2019 for her complaint of warts.

Firstly, we should know that Warts are caused by a virus, the most common being that of the human papillomavirus (HPV) group. There are different sub-types of HPV which cause different types of warts. Like any other viral disease, viral warts are contagious and spread by direct contact.

She had been suffering from flat warts for 3 years She had many small flat warts on her face and chin. She didn’t have any itching, pain, or bleeding. But, the numbers of warts were more.

During the detailed case study, she informed that the first wart appeared on her chin, and, later, they spread on the face. Initially, it was diagnosed as Lichen planus so she had taken steroids. Later, her dermatologist diagnosed it as flat warts. Hence, she took laser therapy. She had also taken cryotherapy for warts but didn’t get results. So, she decided to try homeopathic medicine. She didn’t have any other disease.

She was a non-vegetarian by diet and was very fond of sweets, fish, sour food, and fruits. Her thirst was less. She could not tolerate the heat. Her menses, bowel movement, and other physical generals were normal.

She was a textile designer. Mentally, she was short-tempered, irritable, and dissatisfied with her profession. She had four sisters and one brother.

After studying her detailed case thoroughly, Dr. Shah Sir prescribed his research-based molecule to the patient.

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In September 2019, she gave her first feedback. She informed that she had new warts on her face, and itching had increased.

On 17th November 2019, the patient informed that she had experienced a 50% improvement in relief in her warts. No new warts had appeared.

In January 2020, her condition was very good. She experienced a 98% recovery from her previous warts, and no new warts had appeared.

The patient was happy and satisfied with the result. Her face is clear now. Most of her warts have disappeared. She was advised to stop the treatment.


This case indicates that Homeopathy is highly effective in treating warts. Homeopathy works internally on the root cause and gives the long-term result safely without any side-effects.

  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D., HOM)



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