Speedy Recovery From Allergic Rhinitis Found With Homeopathy

A 24-year-old lady, Ms. P.J. (PIN: 40722) visited Life Force’s Borivali branch in July 2019 for the treatment of her complaints of Allergic Rhinitis. She was suffering from an allergic cold for 6 years. It would start with sneezing, and, at a time, she would experience 10-15 bots of sneezes followed by running nose and a mild headache. Along with this, during every episode, she would also have a slight obstructed feeling in the nose. The frequency of her allergic cold was at least two to three times a week, and it would last for one or two days. She was allergic to the dust and strong smells. The sneezing used to get aggravated in the morning and after having cold or spicy food. She used to experience relief in all her complaints by steam inhalation. She had taken homeopathic medicines in the past for two months but had no relief.

She had suffered from Dengue and renal calculi in the past. Her maternal grandfather had diabetes mellitus.

Ms. P.J. was a vegetarian and loved milk, salty food, and sweets. She did not like spicy food. She did not feel very thirsty and has only a liter of water in a day. She didn’t experience much perspiration and could not bear the cold climate.

Her menses were regular, and she had no complaints related to her bowel habits or micturition.

She was a working lady and stayed with her parents and younger brother. She had a happy and well-supported childhood and teenage.

By nature, she was mild and gentle. She was an introvert and did not communicate with anyone easily. She would feel shy while meeting new people and used to take a long time to initiate a talk.

After the case was taken in detail by the associate doctor of Dr. Rajesh Shah, Ms. P.J. was advised certain blood investigations that may help in her treatment.

Along with the investigations, she was also given a diet chart to follow during the treatment.

On investigation, it was found that Ms. P.J. had a high S. Ig E; this is a blood test to check whether a person has any allergic affinities.

Dr. Shah went through the details of her case and prescribed his research-based molecules to help the patient overcome the allergic problem.

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At the first follow-up on the 9th of September 2019, Ms. P.J. was feeling 50% better. The frequency of her complaints had reduced to one to two times a week, and the duration was just one hour, which initially was one to two days.

When the patient gave the next follow-up on 26th October 2019, she said that she was further better. The frequency of her allergic rhinitis episode was just once a week now and it would last only for 10 minutes. The sneezing, headache, and the obstructed feeling in the nose all had reduced tremendously.

On 19th December 2019, Ms. P.J. reported further improvement in her condition. She had just one mild episode of allergic rhinitis in one and a half months which lasted for a day. The severity of her episodes was very mild now.

On 25th February 2020, Ms. P.J. reported at the Borivali branch saying that she was 99% better now. She was pleased to have confided in homeopathy. She had experienced no episodes in the last two months. Her sneezing had stopped; and there was no obstructive feeling in her nose. She was not dependent on any conventional medications. Ms. P.J. was advised to repeat S.Ig E to find out whether there were any changes in the same.

Ms. P.J. continues with the treatment and is waiting for the lab report to know for how long she needs to continue the homeopathic treatment.



This case helps us understand that homeopathy can treat allergic rhinitis quickly and safely without being dependent on conventional medicines.


  • Written by Dr. Chetali Damania, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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