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A 30-Year-Old Patient Got Relieved Of Persisting Constipation With Homeopathy

A 30-year-old housewife (PIN: 39409) came to the Life Force clinic in February, with the complaint of constipation, which she was suffering from 4 to 5 months. She used to pass hard stools for 4 days every month. She also complained of bloating of the abdomen and flatulence. Due to straining for stools, she used to experience a lot of pain and had suffered mild bleeding due to hard stools. Her complaints would turn worse when she would consume foods, such as maida and eggs.

There was no significant history of any other illness nor was any family history of the same.

She had tried Ayurvedic medicines but got no results.

The patient's husband was already under Dr. Shah's treatment and had fully recovered from his disease condition.

The patient was a non-vegetarian and she had an aversion to milk. She had been following the proper diet and used to have at least 1.5 liters of water daily. There was no major stress in her life.

Based on the patient's case details, Dr. Shah prescribed Homeopathic medicines, which included a few of his research-based molecules, to the patient. Some necessary dietary changes were also suggested to the patient. She was also asked to avoid using aluminum vessels for cooking.

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When she came for her first follow-up in April, after around six weeks of taking homeopathic medicines, she mentioned that she was passing stools every day and that constipation, bloating of the abdomen, and flatulence occurred only when she was traveling. Moreover, she no more experienced any episode of bleeding while passing the stools. Dr. Shah further evaluated her follow-up and prescribed her medicines.

For the next two follow-ups, the patient mentioned that she was passing stools daily and had no episode of bleeding. Her stools were satisfactory and bloating of the abdomen and flatulence occurred only when she was traveling. After the proper evaluation of her follow-up details, Dr. Shah prescribed medicines to the patient.

When the patient came for her next follow-up, after about 9 months of starting our treatment, she mentioned that she is passing stools regularly which are soft and satisfactory. There was no episode of bleeding ever since she started our treatment. Her complaints of bloating of the abdomen and flatulence occurred only when she had long gaps between her meals.

She was advised to follow dietary suggestions and maintain her intake of fluids daily.

The patient's husband had already experienced the amazing results with Dr. Shah's treatment and now his wife had experienced the same results. Their belief in Homeopathy, particularly in Dr. Shah's treatment, has increased two-fold. Both are enjoying their disease-free life and are thankful to Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force Team for their wonderful treatment and services.



From a simple case of constipation to many complex disease conditions, Homeopathy has a significant role to play in restoring harmony in any diseased individual.

Homeopathic medicines act gently and gradually to stimulate the body's self-healing capacity. In the above case, where there was no other major cause for constipation. So, homeopathic medicines when administered accurately by an expert Homeopath worked wonderfully and brought excellent results.


  • Written by Dr. Varsha, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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