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A Californian Based Spiritual Healer Experiences Miraculous Results In Recovery From Hair Fall With Homeopathy

A 48-year-old lady from California, United States, Mrs. H. T. (LF-PIN: 25938) did the first Online Consultation with us on 22nd September 2018, primarily for her Severe Hair Loss Complaints along with multiple other health complaints. A detailed screening was conducted, and it was found that she was suffering from severe, diffuse, hair loss for the past 1.5 years.

Further evaluation of the case revealed that she was experiencing severe hair loss along with flatulence and increased sexual desire for the past 1.5 years. She took the opinion of her Naturopathic Doctor, who did not find any connection amongst the three complaints as all her reports turned out to be normal. She used to have hair loss of around 150-200 hair strands per day in bunches which used to be more after washing her hair.  Along with her hair fall, there was slight dandruff over her scalp and on her shoulders.

She also complained of feeling tired and fatigued all the time. Her other details showed that her menstrual cycles were regular, and she had not reached menopause yet. Also, she turned out to be suffering from an underactive thyroid, low ferritin levels which had triggered her hair fall complaint. Also, since the past few months, she was mentally disturbed and stressed out due to frequent fights with her husband and she was going for counseling sessions for it too.

She, though being a spiritual healer began, to experience a of lack energy and self-motivation. She had developed a more apathetic approach towards her life and also started to get more anxious. She had always been an extremely sensitive child since her childhood and gone through lots of hurdles and challenges when she was young. She was crazy about chocolates and all sweet foods.

Based on her case evaluation, she was prescribed Phosphorus 30 along with Dr. Shah’s patented molecules for 4 months along with corrective dietary measures.


On 20th November 2018, she reported that her hair fall had become further worse and the first prescription didn’t give her any results. Hence, the necessary changes in the prescription were made, and she was prescribed Silica-30 for the next few months.

In her second follow-up on 16th January 2019, she reported that her hair fall was significantly reduced by 85%. Her hair fall was under control and she was appreciating new hair growth. Also, her dandruff was cleared out. Her medicines were now changed to Silica 200.

On 3rd July 2019, she informed us that she was doing well for 6 months with Silica-200, but, from mid-June 2019, she went on a low-calorie diet and a few changes in her lifestyle occurred which made her lose her hair again. Her case was restudied and, this time, along with Silica 200, Dr. Shah’s medicines were given to the patient.

On 6th December 2019, she reported that she has responded 100% to our hair fall treatment. Just a very few hair strands were lost, and no dandruff and no other associated complaints were observed by her. Her treatment for hair fall was stopped by us.


This case illustrates that the right selection of the homeopathic remedy and paying more attention to the causative factors of the hair fall is extremely important while treating such Anxious patients for the best results. Homeopathic medicines are known to work wonders in controlling the hair fall primarily and in stimulating the active hair follicles in the best possible manner.

  • Written by Dr. Samreen Syed, Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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