A 7-Year-Old Girl Suffering From Vitiligo Experienced Complete Repigmentation With Homeopathy

A 7-year-old girl, Miss. A.L. (PIN: 27460) came to Life Force with the complaints of Vitiligo on 12th December 2015. She was suffering from vitiligo since 2013. She had Vitiligo spots on her back and right side of the chest as well. The approximate size of the spots on the back was around 2 cm and that of those on the chest was less than 1 cm. Her spots were increasing gradually. She had taken conventional medicines but experienced no change in her Vitiligo spots. There was no genetic link of Vitiligo present in her case. According to the parents of the patient, the spots had developed after she had suffered from a high-grade fever. Placentrex gel and Pacroma ointment were applied to the spots with no results.

She lived with her mother and father, who is a software engineer in OSI technologies, Hyderabad.

Her mother suffered from Hypothyroidism. Besides this, there was no significant history of any major illness in her family.

There was no history of major illness in her past.

She was a happy child. She felt low if she was not allowed to go outside to play. She was very mischievous in her school. She had the fear of the dark.

Her case was evaluated as per the homeopathic protocols. Dr. Rajesh Shah’s patented medicines for Vitiligo along with a constitutional medicine Calcarea Phosphoricum were prescribed to the patient.

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In 6 weeks of homeopathic treatment, her Vitiligo showed significant changes. Repigmentation occurred in all her Vitiligo spots. The recovery from the spots on her back had improved.

In the next follow-up on 3rd March 2016, her spots on the back and chest had improved further, but, at the same time, her parents noticed new spots on her face. Considering her parents’ concern, it was explained to them that Vitiligo is a chronic autoimmune disease with waxing and waning of the lesions, particularly in growing children. New lesions may develop with the fluctuations in their immunity, even if they are on Homeopathic treatment. It was advised to continue with the same medicines.

Again, within 1 month, the patient’s parents noticed new small 6 spots on her abdomen. Even then Dr. Shah advised continuing with the same medicines as older spots were experiencing repigmentation and Dr. Shah didn't want to change the medicines at that stage as whatever positive changes had occurred so far would get disturbed by adding new medicines at that stage.

On 3rd June 2016, the patient’s parents informed that the recovery from the spots on her chest and back was better by 60%. The size of the spots on the abdomen was as it is. However, the spots’ color had turned dull and was not bright as before and that was a positive sign. The spots of her face that were small in the size were no more visible.

Again, the patient’s parents were counseled and informed that Vitiligo gets better with continuous long-term Homeopathic treatment.

After 10 months, her Vitiligo showed around 80% improvement in terms of relief.

Later, after following medicines further, there was not much change in her spots.  Also, again in February 2017, she had developed new spots on her neck. The disease’s nature was explained to the patient and the dose of medicines was increased. In addition to this, it was advised to check for her Thyroid profile, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12 as any fluctuations in thyroid hormones and deficiencies in the body may act as a maintaining cause for the disease. As it was a genetic link of Hypothyroidism in her case, she was advised to do the complete Thyroid panel check-up.

The blood tests showed the deficiency in Vitamin D, and rest all tests were normal. Vitamin D the supplement was recommended to the patient.

After the next 1.5 years of homeopathic treatment, her recovery from Vitiligo showed around 90% improvement and just mild negligible spots were left. No new Vitiligo spots had developed throughout the treatment.

She was advised to take maintaining doses and then to stop the treatment.


In our day-to-day practice at Life Force, we examine and treat many Vitiligo patients. The response of Homeopathic treatment in children is much better as compared to those in adults. After long-term Homeopathic treatment, we have observed significant results in recovery from Vitiligo in the cases of children. This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in promoting the recovery from vitiligo in children incredibly and safely without any side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. (Hom)

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