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A 75-year-old Music teacher (PIN: 27606) approached our clinic online in 2016 January for Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment. She was suffering from this complaint for more than 4 years when she decided to start the treatment from Life Force. She was under allopathic medications. This problem started after she underwent root canal treatment. She started experiencing painful flashes and triggering sporadic pains on her right side of the face from the lower jaw. She was unable to chew or eat food. Sometimes, her complaints used to get triggered after exposure to the cold. She was taking conventional medicine  Tablet Tegretol 200 daily 2 times.
Her pain used to start from the right side lower jaw and radiate towards the right side of the lower lip. The burning pain would last for around 4-5 hours once it would occur. Daily, she used to experience 3- 4 episodes of it. Even after taking Tegretol 100 daily, her complaint lasted for 20 days. So, she had to increase the dosage from 100 mg to 200 mg in 2015.
Her BP was normal. She was a pure vegetarian and had a good appetite. Her thirst was normal. She used to sweat very little. Her bowel movement and micturition were normal. Her sleep was good. She could not tolerate the hot climate. She was worried after her daughter underwent a divorce. Other than that, there was no stressful condition affecting her. She was calm and even-tempered.
After a thorough study of the case and evaluation of the symptoms reported by the patient, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicine to the patient.
After 2 months of following homeopathic treatment, during the first follow-up, the patient reported an overall 10% improvement. The pain now lasted until 11 am. The patient had continued conventional medicine also.
During the follow-up in July 2016, the patient reported that there was a 25% improvement in her relief in the condition. The frequency, intensity, and duration of the pain had decreased. Meanwhile, the patient tried to stop the Tegretol tablet, the very next day pain started. Still, she was on Tegretol 200 daily 2 times. Her pain would get triggered while brushing too.
In October 2016, the patient reported that she had experienced a 50% improvement in relief in trigeminal neuralgia. The patient reported that, before starting the homeopathic treatment, the intensity of the pain was more. Now, even if she skipped Tegretol in the morning, she could manage till the evening.
In January 2017, during the follow-up, the patient reported that there was no further improvement. Her condition was stable as that in the previous year. The intensity of pain was mild. The frequency of episodes was 5-6 times per month, and it would last for 1-2 hours.
At the follow-up in April 2017, the duration of the pain episode had decreased to half an hour, and the frequency had reduced to 2 times per month. During the follow-up in June 2017, the patient reported that there was some fluctuation in the pain. So, she had to take 4 doses of per day of homeopathic medicine. After that, she felt much better. She was also under BP medicine in the morning. 
In December 2017, the patient reported that she had experienced an overall 80% improvement. She wanted to reduce Tegretol dosage. 
In February 2018, during follow-up, her relief in the complaint was better by 80% with reduced Tegretol dosage. She was taking conventional medicine now at night only. She had no other triggers.  
In July 2018, the improvement was stable, and the patient experienced a mild trigger after exposure to the cold. She was taking Tegretol in the morning.
The patient reported as there is no further improvement during her follow-up in February 2019. 
In April 2019, the patient reported that there was pain sometimes early in the morning while or after brushing the teeth. It was occurring suddenly even while talking. Now, the pain was usually lasting for about 10-15 minutes, and it was tolerable.
During the follow-up in October 2019, the patient reported that her improvement in relief was stable. The pain was tolerable. Also, the triggering factors include eating sweet, sour, etc.
During the follow-up in December 2019, the patient reported that she had reduced the dosage of Tegretol to 100 mg daily and she had experienced an overall 80% improvement in relief.
In the follow-up in February 2020, the patient reported that her condition was much better now. She no more experienced any triggers for pain. Sometimes, just a mild pain occurred while brushing, and that was also bearable. The patient is happy and continuing our medicine for further improvement.
This case shows that Homeopathy acts very well in treating difficult medical conditions, such as  Trigeminal neuralgia. Also, a combined approach of homeopathy and conventional medicine can offer good results.
-Written by Dr. Ashitha A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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