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A 33-year-old housewife from Karnataka (PIN: 38001) visited Life Force Clinic on 18th September 2018 for treating her weals, severe itching, and burning sensation on her skin. She was suffering from the same for more than 2 months. On thorough case-taking, it was found that she was suffering from these complaints daily at least once in a day. The episodes last for around half an hour. The discomforting symptoms used to affect her all over the body. The condition was diagnosed as Urticaria. Dermographism was positive in her case. And, Angioedema was also present at times. Her complaint had started after an insect bite in July 2018. Her complaints used to get aggravated in the evening and at night. She was taking some medicines and Antihistamines, which were prescribed by a general physician, since July 2018, and was not aware of the name.
She was also suffering from occasional headaches and obesity, for which she was not taking any medications. She was a non-vegetarian and liked to have spicy food and chicken most often. Her thirst was average. Her bowel movements and micturition were satisfactory. Her menses were regular. The patient’s sleep was disturbed. Her sweating was profuse and generalized. She preferred a cold climate, as she was unable to tolerate an excess of heat. 
She was having a strong family history of Diabetes as her parents are suffering from the same. The patient was newly married, and she was living in a joint family of 15 members. Her husband was a contractor.
After evaluating the case in detail, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed his research-based medicine for six weeks to the patient. 
After taking the medication for about 2 months, in 2018 October, a slight improvement was noticed in her relief in urticaria. Also, she had reduced her antihistamine intake from daily to once in 2 days. It was observed that there was an improvement in her relief in itching, burning, and weal formation. She had gone through relevant blood check-ups, as suggested by our associate doctor. Her Serum IgE level was normal. But, her Vitamin D level was low. So, she started taking Vitamin D supplements as prescribed to her.
During the follow-up in 2019 January, her relief in the complaints was much better than before. No episodes of angioedema had occurred. Dermographism was present. The frequency and duration of episodes of Urticaria were less. The patient had reduced the intake of antihistamine to once in 3 days. The patient complained of pain on the eruption that month. Her medicines were revised accordingly.
During the third follow-up in March 2019, her relief in the complaint had improved drastically by 95%. And, she had stopped taking antihistamines for 3 weeks. The itching on the palms and soles remained. The duration of episodes had reduced to 2-5 minutes. The patient reported that she was pregnant and stopped taking our treatment. Dr. Shah advised her to continue the treatment as there was no side-effect of homeopathic medicines.
The patient continued the treatment. Later, she reported for follow-up when she was 6 months pregnant in 2019 July. Her recovery from urticaria was much better. The frequency, intensity, and duration of her episodes of urticaria were less. She was experiencing itching on the Vertex only. All other symptoms were absent.
After her delivery, the patient`s husband reported to the clinic in January 2010. She had not experienced an episode of urticaria in the last 4-5 months. No weals nor burning sensation was present. Slight itching occurred sometimes in the vertex or axillary region.
During the follow-up in April 2020, the patient was a lot happy and satisfied with our medicine. She mentioned that she had experienced an almost 99% improvement in recovery from urticaria. She had stopped taking antihistamines for more than 1 year and was continuing our homeopathic medicine for better results.
This case illustrates that the timely administration of homeopathic medicine is highly effective in treating urticaria. The patient experienced more than 95% improvement in recovery from urticaria safely without any side-effects even in pregnancy.
-Written by Dr. Ashitha A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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