Palmoplantar Psoriasis Treated Effective With Homeopathy At Life Force

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease characterized by thick, patchy, and red scaly skin. The skin condition may last long and is non-contagious.

Causes of Palmoplantar Psoriasis

2.Environmental factors

Common Triggering Factors of Psoriasis 

1.Infections such as Strep throat
2.Weather, particularly the dry and cold weather
3.Injury to the skin
6.Alcohol consumption.
7.Side-effects of certain medicines (like antimalarial drugs, beta-blockers, and lithium)
8.Rapid withdrawal of corticosteroids. 
9.Other associated autoimmune conditions like HIV or Rheumatoid Arthritis

Symptoms of Palmoplantar Psoriasis
Here are some common symptoms of palmoplantar psoriasis

1.Red scaly patches of the skin (characterized by silvery scales)
2.Extreme dryness of the skin with cracks
3.Itching of the skin with burning or soreness
4.Thickened or pitted nails 
5.Swollen or stiff joints

Types of Psoriasis 

Here are various types of psoriasis

1.Plaque psoriasis 
2.Guttate psoriasis 
3.Inverse psoriasis 
4.Pustular psoriasis 
5.Erythrodermic psoriasis
6.Palmoplantar Psoriasis 
7.Psoriatic arthritis 
8.Guttate psoriasis 

Let’s have a look at a case of psoriasis which experienced great results with homeopathy.

A 61-year-old lady (PIN: 26233) visited our Life Force branch on 17th July 2015 for treating her complaint of palmoplantar psoriasis. The main symptoms that she was presenting were the cracks and fissures on both the palms with excessive scaling. There was also bleeding from the cracks along with burning pain. She was using the cream Mometasone (corticosteroid) for 6-8 months which was giving her only temporary relief.

She was also a hypertensive patient for 6-7 years and was on hypertensive drugs since then.

A thorough and detailed case taking was done considering both her mental and physical generals.

She was a non-vegetarian with an average appetite. She preferred sour, spicy, and sweet food. She had a very little thirst and drank only 1 liter of water daily. She had average perspiration and was, thermally, a chilly patient. Her bowel movements were satisfactory. Also, she had no urinary issues. The patient told that she attained menopause at the age of 50 years and had no menopausal symptoms or complications at that time. She had a very sound sleep and had no recurrent dreams in her sleep.

On physical examination, the patient was stout and had no deformity. Her BP (150/80mmhg) and weight were examined (77kgs).

Her mental generals were also taken in detail. The patient told us that she had a very happy childhood with a well-supported family. Even after marriage, she had a very happy and supportive family background. She was a very gentle, sober, and nervous patient, but she used to get irritated easily. She was a very affectionate person and was attached to her family a lot.

Her family history of illness was also traced. There was no history of autoimmune disease in her family, but her father was also a hypertensive patient.

Dr. Shah went through the case file in detail and, after evaluating the whole case, prescribed the medicines to the patient. The patient was also advised to follow the diet chart of vitiligo given to her.


Her first follow-up was done in August 2015. There was no significant difference noticed in her symptoms. 

By September 2015, her cracks on palms had reduced by about 20%. Even the burning pain and bleeding had reduced to about 20%. 

In October 2015, there was a slight flare-up of symptoms. The exfoliation of the skin on both the palms had occurred. Her cracks were turning pinkish. She experienced burning pain and bleeding from the cracks.

The patient consulted Dr. Shah directly on the next follow-up. Dr. Shah took the case thoroughly and very patiently listened to the patient’s complaint. 

By January 2016, after directly consulting Dr. Shah, the patient was feeling much better in her relief in the complaints. Her cracks had started healing, and she was no more experience burning pain or bleeding.

By February 2016, the patient was better by 60% in her relief in the complaints. She had also stopped her steroid cream that she used to apply regularly.

By May 2016, the patient was about 90% better in her complaints. She was also advised to apply petroleum ointment to heal her cracks. 

The patient to date is continuing the medications and her symptoms are stable without any further spread or flareup. The patient is highly satisfied with the treatment that she received under Dr. Shah, and, also, she is happy that she is free from cortico-steroids permanently. She is also extremely happy with the service offered by the Life Force Team.

This case highlights that homeopathy can do wonders in treating autoimmune disease conditions like psoriasis by aiming at the immunological factors responsible for its development. This is done by considering the totality of the patient and considering the case with a holistic approach. This holistic approach in dealing with diseases makes homeopathy different from other systems of medicine and also ensures a safe and permanent solution to the disease condition. 
-Written by Dr. Poornima Puruhsothaman, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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