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Homeopathy Freed A Patient From Chronic Migraine In 1 Year

A female patient, Ms. N.B. (PIN: 26725) visited Life Force in September 2015 for treatment for her complaints of Migraine headaches.

She was suffering from a one-sided headache that radiated from the temples to the vertex. The discomforting headache was bothering her for the last 2 years. Along with headaches, she also complained of the blurring of vision. Her sleep used to get disturbed due to the pain.

She was a teacher by profession and used to get irritated with the children, whenever she would experience a headache. After considering her case history, it was found that her headache used to get triggered whenever she would get exposed to the sun, cold air, or loud noise and by traveling. Nothing would comfort her headache except painkillers. She was dependant on Crocin for relief.

After studying the case in detail and based on her totality of symptoms that included physical generals and mental aspects, Dr. Shah prescribed medicines to the patient. She was given Sanguinaria 200 along with the research-based medicines for six weeks and was called for follow-up.

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When the patient visited for the first follow-up after 6 weeks, her relief in the complaints had improved by 5% percent. Her case was re-evaluated, and she was given Kali Bichromicum along with research-based medicines.

After four months of following homeopathic treatment, her relief in headache had improved by 70%. She was no more dependent on the painkiller. Her relief in the frequency and intensity of the episodes had improved drastically.

After almost one year of homeopathic treatment, she was free from her Migraine.


This case illustrates the dynamic power of homeopathy in treating long-standing diseases incredibly and safely without any side effects. Also, homeopathy eliminated drug dependency.


  • Written by Dr. Neetu Jetwani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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