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A 62-Year-Old Patient Found 100% Recovery From Chronic Acid Peptic Disease In 8 Months With Homeopathy

What is Acid Peptic Disease/Disorder?

The acid peptic disease is a collection of diseases involving the formation of acid in the stomach and the gastrointestinal tract’s nearby parts. It includes Zollinger–Ellison syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and gastritis. It also includes gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, Meckel's diverticulum ulcer, and esophageal ulcer. These disorders are the outcome of certain pathogenetic mechanisms that cause excessive secretion of the acid or reduced mucosal defense.

A 62-year-old female patient from Nashik, Mrs. C.N. (PIN: 44358) was suffering from Acid Peptic Disease for 7-8 months. She took online consultation from Life Force on 16th December 2020 and started homeopathic treatment for the same. She was taking Antacids frequently. The patient also had associated complaints of Hypertension for 3 years, and, for it, she was on conventional medicines

The patient was having a mixed diet of vegetarian & non-vegetarian foods She was experiencing a diminished appetite. The patient had a craving for sweets and no specific food intolerance. She was addicted to tea and used to have tea almost 6-7 times a day. Her bowels were satisfactory.

By nature, the patient was worried and anxious.

She had no major family medical history. But, she had a history of Vertigo & Anxiety before 2-3 years due to hypertension. Also, the patient had a history of the Cataract, which was operated on 2 years back for the right eye, & a Prolapse of the Uterus 9 years back for which she had undergone hysterectomy.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed homeopathic medicines to the patient.

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After starting our homeopathic medicines, the patient reported on 7th February 2021 that her relief in the complaint was better by 50%. Moreover, she had stopped taking Antacid. Her weakness had also reduced.

On 6th April 20 21, when she gave her second follow-up, the patient reported burning pain in the epigastrium after drinking excessive tea and experiencing stress for 15 days. So. Dr. Shah advised her of some lifestyle changes and revised her medicines.

Later, when the patient gave her fourth follow-up, her relief from acidity was much better than earlier. However, an excessive intake of tea would make her suffer from the same complaint. So, she started reducing her tea intake gradually.

On 1st June 2021, when the patient gave the fifth follow-up, she reported that she was much better than earlier. No major complaint was affecting her. But, the patient continued the medicine for further health improvement.

Despite the patient's tea addiction, the patient experienced a complete recovery from the acid peptic disease with Life Force’s homeopathic treatment.


This case highlights that homeopathy can promote the recovery from Acid Peptic Disease effectively and safely without any side effects. In this case, conventional medicine had a minimal role and, later, the dependency of the patient on conventional medicine was eliminated.


  • Written by Dr. Jyoti K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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