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An Aged Patient Having Steroid Dependent Oral Lichen Planus Healed With Homeopathy

An 82-year-old Mr. S.P. from Mumbai (PIN: 42247) visited the Life Force Kemps corner branch in January 2020 for the treatment of Oral Lichen Planus.

He was suffering from oral lichen planus for a year. The lesions were present on his tongue, gums, and internal cheeks. The patient was suffering from pain and a burning sensation in the mouth. He was unable to consume any spices as it was making him experience an extreme burning sensation in the mouth. He was not experiencing any complaint of lichen planus on the rest of his body. The patient was applying steroid ointments, and he was also taking oral steroid tablets that his physician had prescribed him, however, it was not helping him much. He was also suffering from hypertension and diabetes, for which he was taking allopathic medicines.


The patient was a vegetarian. He had an average appetite. His thirst was average. He had no complaints related to the urine and stool. His sleep was sound.


The patient was retired and was mostly at home only. He was staying with his wife and son. No major stress was present in his life.


He never had any major illnesses in the past.


After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed some research-based homeopathic medicines along with certain dietary tips to the patient. He was advised to taper the steroid medicine gradually.




On 16th February 2020, the patient reported that he was slightly better with the medicines. His burning sensation had reduced than before. He was still unable to eat any spicy food. The patient had reduced the use of oral steroids and the application of steroids. He was overall improving with the medicines.


On 20th June 2020, the patient updated that he was further better with the medicines. His tongue and gums were better than before. The burning was still bothering him but it was better than before. He had stopped all allopathic medicines and was only on homeopathy.


On 31st December 2020, the patient reported that there was further recovery with medicines. He was able to eat normal food with little spices now. The burning was still present on consuming very spicy food. He had experienced an overall improvement with the medicines.


On 5th July 2021, the patient updated that he was almost 90% better. He was able to eat normal food without any discomfort or burning pain. The patient had experienced overall progress with the medicines.


He thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating him and improving his health.



This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating oral lichen planus incredibly and safely without any side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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