A Patient Experienced Complete Recovery From 7 Years Chronic Anxiety Neurosis With Homeopathy

Mr. K.V. (PIN: 34480) visited Life Force Homeopathy for the treatment of his complaints of Anxiety Neurosis in November 2017.  For the last 7 years, he was battling this complex disease comprising anxiety, depression, panic attacks, restlessness, helpless feeling, palpitations, sleep disturbance, continuous thoughts in the mind, sadness, a loss of hope, a loss of appetite, and the coldness of the limbs.

He was already following the conventional treatment which kept the disease in check for the time being. He experienced fluctuations more often than not. He had an imaginary fear of getting stuck somewhere & not being able to escape from it.

His life was very disturbed, & anxiety neurosis was affecting his personal as well as professional life. He was very afraid of any kind of changes in his life, and this always triggered a panic attack in him. He was anxious about any new work allotted to him at work, any presentation would make him panic like anything. Frequent official tours needed him to fly abroad every now & then and that made him anxious, nervous, & sleepless causing a lot of palpitations & fear thinking what if something goes wrong on the plane & his life gets in danger. He had very much gone into a shell & kept on hiding things from his colleagues & boss, and he was afraid of being publicly criticized or made fun of. His agony & anguish were becoming unbearable, & his life had become miserable.

His case details are as follows.

He was a vegetarian & had an average appetite. He had a good craving for salty, spicy, fried, eggs, pickles, & sweets, & he did not like the sour taste. His thirst was average, & he used to experience profuse, generalized perspiration on exertion. He was intolerant to the hot weather. He had constipation issues as well. He had an average build.

He had a very disturbed sleep with frequent interruptions & a lot of dreams.

Since his childhood, he was very unhappy due to the circumstances prevailing at respective times. He remained stressed throughout his life. In childhood, the level of stress was too much to cope up, & he had suffered from stammering issues till his graduation.

The patient was very gentle but nervous & anxious. In any situation, he had a habit of suppressing his emotions.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD studied his case thoroughly & gave a prescription of 6 weeks comprising his highly advanced research-based Homeopathic molecules to the patient.


At the first follow-up, the patient came with some positive experience with almost 10%-20% improvement in his relief in anxiety levels & all his symptoms of anxiety. So, another Homeopathic prescription was made for him for 6 weeks.

At the second follow-up, the patient experienced further improvement of 40% in his relief in all his anxiety complaints. The frequency and intensity of his panic attacks. A homeopathic prescription for 6 weeks was given to the patient.

At the third follow-up, the patient got the news that he needs to fly abroad for official purposes. So, his anxiety levels increased but not to the extent he had experienced previously. So, a prescription for 6 weeks was again made for him based on the situation.

He had various opportunities to go abroad on an official visit, and following the homeopathic treatment at Life Force regularly made him stronger with more stability. In the subsequent follow-ups also, there was a significant reduction in his conventional medicine doses, which he had taken for a long.

A year-long treatment at Life Force changed his life completely & has helped him win over his anxiety. He is almost totally relieved of all his complaints, &, now, he no longer experiences anxiety, depression, panic attacks, restlessness, helpless feeling, palpitations, sleep disturbances, continuous thoughts in the mind, sadness, a loss of hope, loss of appetite, and the coldness of the limbs. He is leading a happy life without any treatment.


This case highlights that homeopathy is having a great scope in treating chronic psychosomatic disorders like Anxiety Neurosis, Depression & many other similar illnesses with great prowess and safely without any side effects. Life Force Homeopathy under the guidance and direction of Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. has provided very good relief to many similar patients in many years & the constant research is contributing a lot to the further betterment in treating various health conditions.

  • Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.




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