An 11-Year-Old Child With Alopecia Areata Healed With Homeopathy At Life Force

Alopecia areata (AA) is an auto-immune disorder characterized by the appearance of non-scarring bald patches affecting the hair-bearing areas of the body, such as beard, scalp, and others. The scalp is the most common site of involvement. Homeopathy can treat the condition effectively. Let’s have a look at a case of alopecia areata treated with homeopathy.


An 11-year-old boy (PIN: 38479) visited our Life Force clinic with the following complaint of Alopecia Areata on 9th November 2018.

He presented with the chief complaints of a loss of hair at multiple sites over the scalp for 3 months. The number of bald patches he presented with was 10, with one bigger patch. He had no history of similar illness in his family members.


On examination, multiple well-defined patches of non-scarring alopecia were present mainly at the parietal and occipital regions of the scalp. The area was smooth with no associated skin changes. He was on Ayurvedic treatment. Before that, he was on Minoxidil.


Physical and Psychological Generals:

The child was confident, expressive, stubborn, and clever. He loved to eat eggs and chocolate.


Family’s Medical History:

The child’s mother and grandmother both had Thalassemia Minor. His grandfather was diabetic, and his aunt had cancer.


At Life Force:

After taking and studying the full case history in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based homeopathic medicine not only to promote hair growth but also to control the spread and progress of the bald spots to any other body area.



At the first follow-up in December 2018, the patient experienced no improvement. But, no new patches had developed.


At the second follow-up in March-2019, there was aggravation in his complaints. Two new bald patches were observed on the vertex region, and bald patches near the occipital area were spreading. Dr. Shah reviewed his case and prescribed the appropriate medicine. He had a deficiency of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12, for which supplement was prescribed.

On the follow-up on 28th September 2019, the patient had experienced a reduction in the size of bald patches. No new patches had developed.


The patient continued with our medicine for more than 2 years. At times, he experienced an aggravation, and, sometimes, he experienced amelioration of the complaint.

On the follow-up on 23rd June 2020, the patient experienced a marked improvement in the healing of the patches. The number of bald patches had reduced and spreading had stopped.


The patient is continuing our medicine.



This case highlights that homeopathy can treat alopecia areata in children incredibly and safely without any side effects. This was a tough case. The patient experienced aggravation and amelioration of the complaint in between the treatment. More than 2-year treatment was required not only to control the spread but also to promote the regrowth of the hair. Any autoimmune disease with family history and any cancer in the family history can be difficult to heal. Homeopathy succeeded in treating the alopecia areata of the child.

  • Written by Dr. Ruchika Roy, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah




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