An Abnormal Growth In The Ovary - Ovarian Cyst Vanished With Homeopathy

A 34-year-old lady (PIN: 43354) was diagnosed with a right-sided ovarian cyst (chocolate cyst - 3.70 cm diagnosed in May) and hair fall, and she visited our clinic on 9th July 2020 for the treatment of the same.


She was suffering from irregular menses, and, sometimes, intermenstrual spotting. During the menses, she suffered from severe abdominal pain with clotted blood in her menses. She was also suffering from excessive vaginal discharge leucorrhea, which was acrid with curd-like consistency that made inner external genitalia sore. As a result, she suffered from Pruritus vulva. All these discomforts affected her quality of life.


Her USG reports also showed that she had a bulky uterus.

She also started noticing hair fall in the last few months. All these unpleasant health conditions made her life very stressful.


Physical Generals:

The patient loved to eat sour food and didn’t like meat. She would perspire profusely.


Psychological Make-Up:

The patient was very gentle but used to get irritated, sometimes, on trivial matters. Because of stress, at times, she used to feel to end her life, and she was very much depressed.


Personal and Family’s Medical History:

She had no major history of any ailments, except for undergoing Tonsillectomy at the age of 10 years and having Malaria at the age of 16 years. Both her parents were diabetic


At Life Force:

Dr. Shah studied her case personally by taking into consideration all the past and present situations of the complaint and prescribed the best individualized research-based remedy to correct her hormonal imbalance.



At the first follow-up in August 2020, the patient had experienced not much improvement. She had experienced a slight reduction in the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, but a great relief in leucorrhea. Her other complaints were as it is.


She continued with our homeopathic medicine.

Later, on the follow-up on 19th October 2020, the patient had experienced relief in all her complaints. Her dysmenorrhea reduced. She also experienced an improvement in relief from leucorrhea and pruritus vulvae. Her menses became regular.


She continued our medicine for a year. Later, she was advised to do the USG, which was done on 9th March 2021.

Her reports revealed incredible recovery from ovarian cyst. Reports are attached below with Before and After reports.


This case illustrates that, with the right homeopathic treatment and approach, even surgical cases can also be treated with homeopathic medicine successfully. Here our goal of treatment was not only to remove the cyst but also to restore the patient’s hormonal balance. And, we succeeded in it by providing individualized homeopathic treatment to the patient.

  • Written by Dr. Ruchika Roy, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah










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