Homeopathy Healed A Teen With Allergic Rhinitis And Gastritis By Improving Immunity

A girl aged 18 years and 10 months (PIN: 41487) visited our Life Force clinic on 14th October 2019 with the complaint of Allergic Rhinitis, Gastritis, and extreme weakness due to her weakened immune system.

During an acute episode of allergic rhinitis, she used to suffer from excessive sneezing, lachrymation, and nose block with frontal headache. Her immune system had turned so sensitive that even slight cold, dust, and intake of coconut water would trigger her complaints. Her IgE level was 608.

Additionally, she was suffering from sour eructation, giddiness, and extreme weakness. She used to feel tired the whole day, and this was hampering her routine activities. She was on Homeopathic medicine without any significant improvement.


Physical Generals:

As a person, she is very mild but used to get stressed out with studies. She loved eating fast foods and chips and didn’t like to eat vegetables.


Self and Family Make-Up and Medical History:

She was studying in class 12th in the science stream.

In her family her mother and aunt were diabetic, and her sister had vitiligo.


At Life Force:

After studying the full case history in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based homeopathic medicine to the patient to improve her immune system. For Gastritis, he prescribed homeopathic medicine along with some dietary tips.



Within 6 months of following Dr. Shah’s homeopathic treatment, her symptoms of gastritis reduced and she also experienced a drastic improvement in relief from Allergic Rhinitis. Now, she can easily enjoy drinking coconut water. Also, AC is no longer troublesome to her. Her sneezing, lachrymation, and nose block all got reduced.


She experienced complete healing from Allergic rhinitis in October 2020.


She continued Life Force’s treatment for 2 years.


On 16th December 2021, the patient’s mother reported that the child was perfectly fine. The patient and her family were very happy with the progress in her relief and her improved health.



This case shows that Homeopathy is the ideal treatment for Allergic Rhinitis and Gastritis. Regular homeopathic treatment boosts the natural immunity, prevents the onset of the disease, and offers you immense relief successfully and safely without any side effects.

  • Written by Dr. Ruchika Roy, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah MD (Hom)




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