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Case of Psoriasis associated with Eczema and vitiligo improved significantly



Mr. A .S. (Patient Ref. No. L-7823) aged 72 yrs, reported to the clinic on Sept 10, 2005 with psoriatic eruptions on both the legs and left groin area. He had been suffering with this for past 6-8 months.

Associated with psoriasis he also had eczema in his groin area with intense itching since last 2 years. Itching was uncontrollable at night. He also had vitiligo on his abdomen, lower back and right lower leg since 2.5 years.

He had an average appetite and had marked craving for salty food. Thermally he was a hot patient. Also constitutionally he was thin.

On enquiring about his personality details, he revealed that he was short tempered. Had stress in past regarding his work as had lot of responsibility being a superintendent. He was social and was attached to NGO.

He enjoyed solving puzzles, crosswords, reading newspapers, and updating himself with the latest happenings in the world.

As regards to his family history, his mother had diabetes and father was a heart patient and had expired of heart attack. There was no significant past history in his case.

Taking his entire case details into consideration, Psorinum 1M was prescribed for him. After 12 weeks when he reported to the clinic for his regular follow up the psoriatic eruptions on his psoriasis had healed up to 50%. Induration and erythema had reduced remarkably. The uncontrollable itching that he used to have prior to starting the treatment was now alleviated to a great extent. His eczema in groin areas had also started responding to the medicines.

Within a year he had 80% improvement in psoriasis and eczema. Also his general health improved.
Treatment was continued for a few months, and complete recovery was achieved in psoriasis and eczema and repigmentation was achieved on his vitiligo spots as well to a great extent.

Patient was very happy and delighted on this recovery and remarked that Lifeforce has made him 20 years younger.

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