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A 34 year old, a senior project manager at a reputed firm suffering from IBS since three and a half years.

This case is of one 34 years old male patient Mr. G. S. A (Patient Ref. No. S-5921) who reported to the clinic with complaints of irritable bowel syndrome since the last 3 ½ years. He had complaints of loose stools with sticky mucus and indigested matter. He also complained of bloating of the abdomen and flatulence. He would also experience an unfinished sensation after stools. The frequency of stools was once daily but he would have to rush to the closet to pass stools as there would be much urgency. He would have sensation of hardness of the abdomen along with these complaints. Weakness and fatigue were other accompaniments with the above. These complaints would frequently alternate with constipation. His complaints had started since the last few years because he was excessively stressed about his father’s illness. His father had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and the entire family’s responsibility was on him now.

He also complained of recurrent headaches since last 8 years. He would get left-sided frontal headache almost once every month lasting almost the whole day. He would get heaviness in the affected region which would begin by 2-3 pm in the afternoon and then last till night. This complaint had started after he completed a course of anti-tuberculosis medicines. His headache would be better after taking cold milk, ice creams, and after a good sleep. He would also get nausea during the headache and the headache would get better after he would be able to vomit out.

He was a tall and lean patient with an average appetite. He was fond of simple food and particularly liked sweets and milk. He disliked spicy and salty food. His thirst was increased and he would frequently take small quantities of water because he would get dryness of lips and mouth. His sleep was disturbed and he would not feel fresh on waking in the morning. He would often dream of traveling and of unfulfilled ambitions.

He was at a managerial post in a reputed firm and his family included his parents, his sister (who was a patient of depression) and his wife. His childhood had been quite unhappy due to his father’s psychiatric problems. He had become very irritable over trifles but would not express it before others. He had a very anxious nature and would excessively worry about trifles. Increased responsibilities would always kept him tensed. He had started feeling very depressed due to his physical complaints and would not feel like going to work. His academic performance had always been excellent and he had been a topper at the university. He was very particular about perfection in whatever he did and this would often create strained relations between him and his wife. He was very particular about punctuality. He would be quite active, but would occasionally get spells of low energy when he would not feel like doing anything but taking rest. He was very fond of music and listening to it would make him feel better. He was also worried about his sister who was suffering from depressive mood disorder.

He had complaints of recurrent colds in childhood and also had tonsillectomy done when he was a child. He had suffered from Tuberculosis of the intestines about 5 years before the onset of his IBS.

His investigations (USG, CT scan of abdomen, Endoscopy, Barium meal enema) were normal.

He was prescribed individualised homoeopathic treatment for his complaints of IBS. At the end of 2 months of treatment, his complaints of loose stools were better than before. He had better bowel movements with marked improvement in bloating of abdomen. His would not feel as fatigued and lethargic as before. His complaint of recurrent headaches also improved gradually. His medication was continued and after about one year of regular treatment his IBS was more than 80% better than before. During periods of stress he would occasionally get unsatisfactory stools but not as bothersome as before. His sleep would be sound now and in general he felt quite energetic and enthusiastic in whatever he took up at work. His complaint of headache was also more than 80% better and there was an overall significant improvement in his quality of life.

Remark: The remedy prescribed in these cases is patient-specific i.e. it has been prescribed based on the symptoms specific to the patient at that point of time. It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any self-medication.


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