With a more than satisfactory recovery in the child, parents very happy with the treatment in specific and Homeopathy in general.

Parents of 11 years old girl (Patient Identification Number 11629) visited Life Force for the treatment of Lichen Planus.

She was suffering from extensive Lichen Planus on legs, thighs, forearms, back and abdomen since 3 years. There was severe itching especially at night. She was applying steroidal cream but the Lichen Planus would resurface whenever she would stop the steroidal cream.

Her appetite was average. There was marked craving for sweets, chocolates and cakes. Her sleep was disturbed due to severe itching.

Her mother was suffering from Diabetes Mellitus. Her maternal grandfather was suffering from Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

She was shy by nature. She would take some time to mingle with others. She would become anxious when there were a lot of things to do. She would become sad easily for small matters.

There was no ascertainable cause for the severe Lichen Planus. There was apparently no major stress. But when enquired in more detail, her mother finally started telling the real picture.

Her parents were working. She and her younger sister were being looked after by her grand parents. Her grandmother was a nagging and irritable lady. She would often criticize the patient and scold her even in front of her friends. Her grandmother would talk rudely with her friends. The child was deeply hurt due to her grandmother’s behavior. This was the stress in her life. The patient would also back answer off late. She would argue and quarrel and weep. She had become very sensitive.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed nat-mur 30 C and his research based medicines.

After 12 weeks of medications there was 50% improvement. Most of the active lesions had flattened. The itching had reduced significantly. There were few new eruptions noticed on the hands and wrist. Her treatment was modified in view of the new eruptions.

After six months of the medicines there was significant improvement in her Lichen Planus. She was left with hyper pigmentation marks. There was slight itching with few new spots of Lichen Planus. Lichen Planus comes in waves. Each new crop was suitably addressed with Homeopathic medicines. Gradually, the new lesions were milder and gradually new eruptions ceased.

After 9 months of medication she fully recovered from Lichen Planus. There was no appearance of new spots. Her Lichen Planus marks were also fading. She continued the treatment.

After 12 months of medication she recovered completely. The marks also faded to a great extent. Her parents were very happy as homeopathy helped their daughter to recover from such a troublesome disease.

Her parents were very disturbed as Lichen Planus had caused embarrassment for the child. She would often weep due to the disease. She would often ask them, how and when she would recover from this disease. However her parents could not give any reassuring reply. They were equally clueless about a recovery. Their dermatologist had said that this disease is incurable and can only be controlled.

With a more than satisfactory recovery in the child, they were very happy with the treatment in specific and Homeopathy in general.

(Uploaded on 31st Aug 2011 by Dr.VPG)

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