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17 Years old boy with small vitiligo patch near the right eye cured 90%

A 17 years old boy (PIN - 16839), visited our Borivali center on 31 August 2011. He had a single small patch of Vitiligo near the right eye. His parents noticed the spot about a month back. The spot was rapidly increasing in size. There were no noticeable white spots elsewhere on the body. He had been under conventional treatment of oral as well as local steroidal application. Since his parents were aware of the side effects of steroids, they decided to resort to the gentle healing of Homeopathy at the initial stage itself.

He had no other complaints.

He had a liking for spicy food, he disliked fruits. He was more tolerant of the cold than the heat. He had no complaints in sleep, urine, thirst, and perspiration. He occasionally complained of constipation.

He was studying in 12th standard in the science stream and he was preparing for the medical entrance exam. He wanted to become a doctor. His father was a financial advisor and his mother was a Government employee. He had a younger brother, who was studying in 8th standard.

He was shy and reserved by nature.

His father was suffering from throat cancer. There was a strong history of Diabetes Mellitus in his maternal as well as paternal family.

He was prescribed a research-based medicine by Dr. Shah after a detailed case analysis.

In the first follow up, within 6 weeks of starting the treatment, his spot was 90% regimented; as if there were no signs of any spot over there.

This case illustrates that Homeopathic medicines act curatively in early and mild cases of Vitiligo. Dr Shah has asked him to continue the treatment for one year.

Uploaded on 17th Nov 2011 by Dr. Megha


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