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Mr. D. S. C. visited Life Force on 10th April 2006. He was 30 years old gentleman. His Patient Identification Number is 8422. He complained of Psoriasis on palms, soles, ankles, scalp, neck and ears since 5 – 6 years. It was spreading rapidly since 2 months. There was considerable itching, scaling and cracks, leading to bleeding. The itching would increase at night and in periods of stress. He had taken allopathic medicines in the past infrequently. He was not taking any medicine since February.

His appetite was average. He craved for meat, chicken and spicy food. He disliked sweets, fruits and oil. He would smoke 6 – 7 cigarettes per day and drink alcohol 2 times a week. The perspiration was profuse on soles and offensive. He was intolerant to warm temperature. His sleep was disturbed due to work.

He was a manager of the house keeping department of an esteemed hospital. His wife was a PRO in a company. He had a one year old daughter. He was staying in a joint family with his parents and wife.

When inquired in detail regarding any stress which triggered this skin complaint, he narrated an unfortunate event. He was working in an oil shipping company few years ago. His work would be cleaning oil tanks. He worked for 14 months in a ship at a stretch which was later unfortunately stranded in mid sea for 3 months. His work conditions were pitiful at that time as there was no proper food to eat. He left this job and was jobless for 2 years. These three years were very stressful for him and the stress had triggered the psoriasis. He was also not satisfied with his present job.

He was short tempered and dominating. He would express his anger by shouting. He did not believe in holding grudges for any wrong done to him. He was talkative and ambitious.

He had suffered from Urticaria due to fish in the past.

His father had osteoarthritis. His mother was psychologically imbalanced.

He was prescribed Lycopodium Clavatum 200c 2 doses along with few research based medicines.

His wife reported on 16th August with considerable improvement in his Psoriasis.

He personally visited on 30th November with overall 95% improvement. His palms and soles were completely healed. There were few tiny spots which would come occasionally and heal within few days. There were hyper pigmented healed spots. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded.

He reported on 21st November after 8 months with relapse in Psoriasis. He had painful cracks in fingers since a month. There was a new lesion on his left lower leg. He had been jobless since 4 months. This stress had triggered the psoriasis again. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed appropriate medicines.

He visited on 20th February with around 90% relief in Psoriasis. The palms, ankle, soles, legs were all healing. The itching had reduced.

He has been continuing with the medicines infrequently as he goes to work on the ship for 6 – 10 months at a time.

He is happy with the overall comfort and relief he has achieved with Dr. Shah’s medicines.

He says, " how so ever far I am, in whatsoever adverse conditions I am, I face them boldly, because I know that Dr Shah is here for me, for all my health problems."

Actually, Dr Shah had helped him in his times of need, in many ways...

Uploaded on 2nd September 2013, by Dr. M. N. P.

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