This is the case of Lichen Planus triggered due to abuse of conventional pain killer...

Mrs B. S , a 46 years old female patient (Patient Identification number - 8656) , visited our clinic on 8th of july, 2006 with the complaints of Lichen Planus. She had this from the past 6 months , probable cause being abuse of conventional pain killer. The patches were located on the hands , legs and thighs. She had the typical symptoms of severe itching and raised roughened papular eruptions. She had taken conventional treatment for a month but could not find any relief.

She also had complaints of sleeplessness for the past 4 years and was occasionally on sleeping pills. There was tiredness and lethargy feeling since past 2 years.

She was also complaining of pain in lower abdomen radiating from loins to groins region for the past 3 months. The pain would increase if she would stand for more than 15 minutes.

Her diet was average with cravings for sweets , sour and ice creams.

She was a hot patient. She was intolerant to heat and summer.

She had suffered from jaundice in her childhood. She had undergone a Cholecystectomy in 1993.

In the family, her father had vitiligo and had suffered from stroke. Her maternal grandfather had brain hemorrhage and brother had diabetes.

She was a home maker, living with her husband and children. Her husband was in business. Her son was a software professional and daughter in law a home maker. Her daughter had graduated and was pursuing a career in acting.

She was a sensitive and anxious personality. She was reserved by nature. She was brooding as things would continuously repeat in her mind.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and she was prescribed some research based medicines.

At the first follow up, after 6 weeks the lesions had flattened and the itching had remarkably reduced. The complaints of sleeplessness and lethargy were better by 80 %.

At the next follow up, after 3 months the patches were better by 90% and sleep was absolutely normal.

At the end of 4th month she was completely cured of her Lichen Planus.

This was her journey through the road of recovery under the guidance and treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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