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Vitiligo on face, spots on left cheek and chin completely cured

A 27 years old patient, Mr.J.H.S (PIN 14757), contacted Life Force for the complaint of Vitiligo. He was having small, scattered spots of Vitiligo on the face, on the left cheek and chin for the last 3-4 months. The spot on the chin was increasing slowly. He used to apply Dipsalic F ointment with which there was no improvement in his condition.

vitiligo on face

Mr.J.S was having a family history of Vitiligo and other autoimmune diseases as well. His appetite was good. Bowel movements, urination, and perspiration were normal. His sleep was sound with no specific dreams.

He was used to working in a Pharma company as a supervisor. He was short-tempered by nature. There was no major stress in his life.

Based on the above history Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed his research-based homeopathic medicine. Within the first two months, the spots on the left cheek reduced in size. Chin spot was as it is but there was no further spread.

Gradually he could stop using Dipsalic F ointment.

vitiligo on face

In the next two to three months, the spots on the left cheek showed complete repigmentation. The spot on the chin was also reduced. There were no new spots. Complete repigmentation was achieved in this case in six to eight months of regular homeopathic medicines.

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